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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Kelly Hu

Just last night I saw the very enjoyable Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie, and one of the excellent voice cast members is one of the most unquestionably beautiful women to ever walk on God's green Earth, this month's Hot Asian Girl: the truly perfect Kelly Hu!

The beautiful (does word even do her justice?) Ms. Hu was born on February 16, 1968, in Honolulu, Hawaii of Chinese, Filipino, and English decent making for a stunning and exotic mix. She she went to Pepperdine University in Malibu and currently lives in Brentwood, CA. This goddess has never been married. So, this gives us some sort of hope, right?!

She was Miss Teen Hawaii USA and in 1985 became Miss Teen USA. She has also long had an in interest in singing and dancing, as well as martial arts.

She did some TV shows like Melrose Place, 21 Jump Street, and Night Court. Her first movie role was in Friday the 13th pt. VII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Despite, her breathtaking beauty, this remains the worst entry in the series. Still, it has Hu's debut, baby!

She had two major roles on two TV shows in the form of Nash Bridges and Martial Law. I gotta say that it is through these two shows that I completely fell in love with this goddess!

It was around time that she began her first few appearances in mags like Stuff and Maxim further cemented her, in my mind, as one of the world's most beautiful women.

Here is a video from her Maxim shoot.

Speaking of the very fun Scorpion King, it was one of many big roles, she would get. In that film,she wore an outfit that was jaw dropping!!!!

She was also in Cradle to the Grave. That movie is just OK, but her presence is so distracting, I find it hard to pay attention to anything or anyone else in that movie. Not that you really need to think a lot when watching that... X2: X-Men United is her best film and, as Lady Deathstrike, one of her best roles!

She has continuously done movie and TV work (including the CW's The Vampire Dairies). One of my other fav roles that she did was in the fun horror flick Devil's Den. Sadly, I do catch her on some real crap, like Succubus: Hell Bent, but she always outshines even such things.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, she did the voice for the latest Batman animated movie. This is nothing new for Kelly, as she has done voice work on other toons like Robot Chicken, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Afro-Samurai. Plus, she has also done voice work for video games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Terminator Salvation.

Aside from her large body of work, she is also very active for the democratic party. She is a member of CAUSE USA an organization that encourages Asian Americans to participate in the democratic process. She also campaigned for President Obama's run for the office. On top of that, she is an avid poker player. In fact, she frequently takes part in the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. Man, is there anything this babe cannot do?!

Here is a well done (well OK, I dislike the music, but I digress..) and much deserved tribute to her:

I know this blog covers a lot of beautiful women (particularly Asian women), but I truly believe that Kelly is one of the world's most stunning women. It is hard to believe that she is 42 years old, because she only gets more beautiful. She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen, as well as the body of a goddess. I mean have you seen that flat stomach, sexy legs, and KILLER ass?!!!! She looks amazing kicking ass and her voice alone (as proven by her voice work) is sexy enough to drive me insane. To me, she is hugely underrated. She should be one of the biggest actresses, ever, as her beauty, talent, smarts, and personality outshine a million of Hollywood's interchangeable, idiotic celebs. Kelly Hu is not only August 2010's Hot Asian Girl of the Month, but one of the hottest of the women of all time.

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