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Love Kara Tai 2

Title: Love Kara Tai 2
Studio: Justin Slayer International in association with Kara Tai Productions
Cast: Kara Tai, Esperanza Gomez, Kylie Ryder, Elena Cole, Lisa Lee, Alle Mack, Fanny

This all girl movie staring the ravishing Kara Tai, whose company also co-produced it, begins with a hell of a hot scene. In it, Lisa Lee and Kara are skating and look hot doing so! Lisa is delicious and shapely, while Kara is sexy and gorgeous. It's all very hot. Kara is just fucking great! I fucking love her ass! Meanwhile, Lisa's curves are just to die for! And, she looks great eating Kara's beautiful pussy. Kara squirts as Lisa frigs her off, getting some juices on the floor!

The next scene stars our covergirls, as Kara and Latin babe Esperanza Gomez hook up. It begins as a photo shoot, and I have to say that I LOVE them in their black bikinis! Kara looks beautiful, of course. Esperanza is gorgeous, as well. Kara's pussy looks so freaking yummy! I just love seeing Esperanza finger it. Kara looks hot, herself, as she eats Esperanza's pussy. Another great moment has Esperanza make Kara taste her own sweet pussy juices as she makes her suck on her fingers that were just inside her. She ultimately makes Kara squirt.

In the third and best scene, Lisa Lee, Kylie Ryder, Elena Cole, and, of course, Kara Tai come from playing volleyball. It's an awesome orgy scene with lots of red-hot pussy eating. Lisa and Kara make their partners suck on their strap-ons in, yet, another hot moment. The strap-on fucking is nice, too.

Then, we get Fanny and Kara. The opening shot showing off their sexy long, legs is quite nice! It's a very sexy scene, even if it relies a little too much on toy play. This would hurt most scenes, but somehow not this one. There is some very hot dildo sucking. Fanny gets Kara to squirt with the dildo, and then she sucks it off of the toy.

The last scene is my second fav in the movie. In it Alle Mack and Kara go from the pool to the bedroom. Allee is very pretty, and Kara's body is just jaw dropping! They looks so good and sensuous sucking and eating each others twats. Again, under lesser hands this one would have been hurt by the toy play, but I actually rather enjoy it here. I love it when they use their mouths to put the dildo in each others pussies. And, must of all I just love Kara's beautiful face as she takes it. Kara ends up squirting, and it hits Alle's pretty face. She then licks it up off of her. This is just so sexy and hot!!! I mean damn!!!!

The picture quality, shot in HD, is top notch. It looks flawless. The sound is also perfect. As far as extras go, it features a fun and sexy behind the scenes with some interviews, photo shoot, and extra sex taking place. It's good stuff! There is also a very nice photo gallery and some trailers.

This is an excellent all-girl movie. In fact, it ranks as one of the best, ever, and certainly one of my favorite recent porn releases. I mean come on it stars Kara Tai in every fucking scene! She has to be one of the sexiest, hottest, most beautiful babes in the biz, today. Plus, there is squirting, too! How can you lose with this one? This is a must have for Kara Tai fans and those into squirting, lesbians, and Asian and Latin women.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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