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Swallow My Squirt 3

Title- Swallow My Squirt 3
Studio- Elegant Angel
Cast- Tiana Lynn, Annie Cruz, Flower Tucci, Kat, Jenna Presley, Angela Stone, Georgia Peach, Gianna Lynn, Chelsie Rae

Back, when I wrote one of many blogs on the beautiful Gianna Lynn, I promised you a review of Swallow My Squirt 3. Sure it was two years ago, but I still always keep my promises. So here it is:

This movie starts off VERY hot as Tiana Lynn (in what was advertised as her last scene) and Angela Stone open the moment with kissing and then a giving a dude a great BJ. There is lots of squirting mostly followed by more kissing. Tiana Lynn takes an ass fucking and both of them do some ATM. I fucking love the fact that they all share Tiana's squirt. Angela gets cum and squirt on her face. In all, this is a fucking GREAT scene!

Georgia Peach and Annie Cruz are the next up. There is some nice interaction between the two girls. I love their matching outfits; they look so hot in them! Annie Cruz fucking rules, and she proves it, yet again, here. There is lots of squirting from Annie. The dude, who looks like he should be in Aerosmith, takes squirt in the mouth and even licks it off the floor. Annie takes some anal and does some ATM. Georgia uses a funnel for Annie's squirt and the dude's load. She ends up sharing it with Annie in a hot fucking ending.

This next one is the very definition of HOT! It opens with Flower Tucci and Gianna Lynn making out. That, in of itself, is like a dream cum true; as they are both goddesses! I just love how Flower doms Gianna. A dude then joins in. Gianna gives a wet and hot BJ; Flower squirts all over her face! Flower then gets some butt love, in that AMAZING butt, of hers. The dude splooges on Gianna, while Flower squirts multiple times on her. They even share it share it at least two times in a grand finale, to the movie's best scene.

Cute Kat and lovely Jenna Presley are up next. I love Kat's Latin ass, and Presley is a great cock sucker. There is a sexy double BJ with lots of spit that is really hot! There is, sadly, not as much squirting on each others faces, as the other scenes here have. Kat is an awesome squirter, while Jenna is just good. The money shot makes up for the lack of faces getting hit with squirt as Jenna ends up getting a massive blast from Kat. She gets a facial, too, and Kat continues to squirt on her. She then licks it off Jenna's pretty face. Truly fucking AMAZING!

Our final scene has the gorgeous Annie Cruz return, this time with Chelsea Rae. It opens with black and white shots of them. As I just said, Annie is just fucking gorgeous, and Chelsea is sexy. I love the glasses! There is a double BJ, and Annie squirts on Chelsea's face while she sucks it. HOT! She gets lots of squirt on her face. Annie gets some hot anal. Annie squirts on Chelsea. She also gets cum from the dude and some more squirt from Annie. They then kiss. In all, this is the second best scene in the movie.

The picture quality is good as is the sound. As far as extras go, we get a cool and sexy behind the scenes, but it is short in length. There is a squirt recap, as well, which I totally loved! There is a bonus scene with Flower Tucci from the first film, as well trailers.

In all this is truly EXCELLENT porno! It's extremely hot and nasty and has a great female cast. Plus, Annie Cruz fans should take note, as we get two scenes with her! Overall, this gets my highest possible recommendation.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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