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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Kianna Dior

First and foremost, I hope you all had a fun, drunk, and safe New Year's Eve. I was sick, so I could not get drunk. But, I'm guessing many of you are sobering up today. And, what a better way to do just that, than with my beautiful pick for Hot Asian Girl of the Month, the stunning Kianna Dior!!! I truly think she is THE perfect woman to ring the New Year that is 2011!

It's hard to believe, but this stunning goddess is actually a MILF! She is one of the most beautiful MILFS on God's green Earth, as a matter of fact. Ms. Dior was born in Vancouver, Canada on November 17th. It's times like I this that I feel, that I need to say, thank you Canada!!

Kianna, and her wonderfully done boobs, went on to become an exotic dancer. In 2000, she moved to LA and began to work in the porn biz. Truly this was something all red-blooded straight males could be grateful for!

Speaking of Kianna's boobs, God bless the doctor who worked on them! They are amazing and among some of the best I ever seen done! Here is some video proof of just, that!

I honestly think that any porn scene that this exotic goddess does is always jaw, and pants, droppingly good. She exudes a raw sexuality that few women can attest to. She pretty much drips sex from every pore on her sexy body.

I doubt I need to remind you how awesome her tits are, but I know you won't be complaining, regardless. So please enjoy this video of her in a brown bikini.

I fell in love with this exquiste beauty the minute that I laid eyes on her on the internet. right then and there, I was made a fan for life of hers! Clearly, this guy agrees with me, as he did a pretty nice little pic montage. His taste in music don't care for, but some of these pics of her are just smoldering!!!!

Kianna has done lots of porno films. You can find her in countless of Asian films, and in the last few years, MILF movies, as well. She is certainly one of my fav MILFs!!! I love seeing her with a dude, as she fucks with a lot of sexy intensity. I also flip out for her girl-girl stuff.

Kianna is very active on the social networking sites. You can be her friend on Myspace and Facebook. She posts really hot and sexy pics, and I love her status updates on Facebook. You can also follow her on Twitter, where she is really cool and interacts with her fans. It's through Facebook, in fact, that I learned that she is a fellow dog owner and lover. That only makes her more awesome in my eyes. Of course, she also has her own official site (http://www.kiannadior.com/) that you need to check out, as well.

Kianna is very definition of beautiful. Her face is that of a goddess. She has beautiful, captivating eyes, her long, dyed hair always looks sexy. And, then there is that body of hers that is to die for! I already mentioned her amazing boobs, but her ass is a godsend as well. And, those legs are long and perfect looking. Her pussy looks beautiful and absolutely delicious. Damn, even her voice is sexy! Yup, there is no doubt about it. Kianna Dior is the perfect woman!!!!

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