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NYCC 2015- Friday Pt.1- The Empire & Cosplayers Strike Back!

Friday, Oct. 9, 2015, the second day of New York Comic Con (NYCC) had me quite busy all day.

One of the first things I did though was visit the Blast a Trooper for charity held by the 501st Legion. For those of you who may not know the 501st Legion are a large worldwide costume organization that have it's members wear imperial costumes. They do various public appearances, including being involved in charitable events, like this one. For three bucks you got to shoot 3 shots at an Imperial Trooper from a gun. Pay ten bucks and you could use ten rounds from a gattling gun (both Nerf toys, by the way). Either way the money was for a good cause and went to the Make a Wish foundation. So, it was fun, for a good cause, and revolved around Star Wars, the Empire, no less. How could I not have partaken in this?

 The Master takes aim at an AT-AT driver! I kinda feel like I am betraying the mighty Empire!
The Master and the Sith Lord! Together we will rule the galaxy! I just hope he's not angry about me shooting his troops!

Since I you had to get on line to get a ticket, to able to get on a later line to purchase stuff at the Funko booth, this pic with me and Funko Freddy was about as close as I got all week to going in the booth. But, it sums up NYCC in that I couldn't get to any exclusives, yet, I still gave the con "thumbs up"!

There were other booths and toys I saw, though. Among them was the Amok Time booth, a great booth for getting your Funko Pops at 10 bucks, a pop (pun intended!)! Anyways, the point is I found some great toys for fellow horror fans, including lots for the zombie lover in all of us. Toys and props inspired by Day of the Dead, Re-Animator, and Return of the Living Dead were present and exclusive to them!

And, for your viewing pleasure, here is the first half of some of my favorite cosplayers that I shot on that Friday:

First off let's start with this hottie to the right. She was wearing a Miss New Jersey sash, but I don't know if she actually won or competed in said beauty pageant. Based on my research and asking others she isn't, but who knows (note if you do know, please let me know with a comment below!). Whatever the case maybe, I think she is a total babe, and I would imagine she's at least actually from Jersey. There are quite a bit of hotties in that state, so that is good enough for me!

 This dude was truly fucking Conan, for sure!
 Vamperilla and Nosferatu together in an awesome couples cosplay!
It's the Dongo mascot! I had never heard of Dongo until this moment and had someone just mentioned the name to me I would have thought it had something to do with penises. And, actually according to Urban Dictionary it totally does refer to male genitalia! 
A huge, veiny, girthy, sloppy, jewish, sweaty 16 inch penis.
Gregg smith likes to get the dongo in the anus.
Well, there ya go! But, hey, don't blame me. I didn't come up with their name or the mascot.  Also I gotta say said mascot is somewhat weird/ creepy looking. Just saying, man, just saying.
 Captain America is hot!

Let's bookend this part with the most adorable cosplyer of the day, this little beagle dressed as Darth Vader. I swear I wanted to hug the crap out of her! And, yes, it's a she! I thought it was a boy, being dressed as Vader and whatnot. Apparently she was a Minion the following day. But, I missed her (insert sad face!). Actually, I could have sworn I have seen her before at this con, at an earlier year. Either way, the point is she is too freaking adorable!!!