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One-Eyed Doll with Fiends at Webster Hall 10/4/15

Last night at Webster Hall in NYC, One-Eyed Doll supported by a group of really awesome bands, had an immensely fun and lively, ass kicking show. From the first act all the way to the headliners this was just top to bottom quality rock music!

First up where NY's very own Candy Brain. This was my first time hearing this band's music, and I loved what I heard. On their Facebook page they call their sound "murder pop/ fantasy punk", which is a pretty apt description of their fun and catchy sound. They had a great stage perscence, and I think have a great future ahead of them. Plus, they definitely fit in with look and sound of the headliners.
The band members are really friendly and fun to be around. Shooting pics of them was an absolute blast!

Up next were Arizona's Run 2 Cover. This energetic, charismatic, and young trio had a really great pop rock sound that has success written all over it. They have immense musical talent despite their very young age. I could see that knew how to connect with the audience and grab their attention. They achieved this not only with their own music, but also with a really cool little cover medley of pop and rock classics.  

I was extremely excited to see the next band, which was Stitched Up Heart from Hollywood, CA. Back in March I did a write-up about them, right here. As I mentioned there I am a huge fan of the band's music, so naturally I was super excited to see them perform live, since I never had before. In fact, just that morning while I was at the gym working out, I had heard and seen the video for their new single "Finally Free". I immediately thought to myself, how much I loved the music and that this might be their best work, yet! 
They opened their set with this fucking killer track, and then preceded to kick all our asses with the rest of it! They only played music from their forth coming album, so it was all new. But, from what they played for us, I can say that this is now one of my most anticipated releases! It's the heaviest and best music they have ever produced. The band sounds amazing live! Fronted by the beautiful and ubber talented Mixi, they are posed to breakthrough and be a major force in heavy rock music!  
 Mixi and your truly. She freaking rocks!

Hanging out at the show were NYC's Syka. I recently found out about this band through social media, and let me tell you, they fucking kick major ass! They will be playing with freaking GWAR at Webster Hall on Nov. 15, so be sure to check them out live! They posed for pics with Stitched Up Heart's Mixi, and I got to take pics with them, as well. They are fucking really cool guys, and I wish them all success in the world. They deserve to be huge!

It was soon time for the headliners, One-Eyed Doll to come out and play their kick ass goth-punk music. Led by beautiful frontwoman and guitarist Kimberly Freeman the duo of her and drummer Junior put on one of the best and most fun live performers that I have ever seen! This was my first time seeing them perform, and I fucking LOVED them! They had a bunch of Halloween and horror props like skulls, skeletons, amputated body parts, and more (including wearing different head dresses), that made this horror loving metalhead about as happy as I could ever feel! 
They played classics from their previous albums, as well as tracks from the latest release Witches. Kimberly interacted with the audience a lot, getting off the stage and even having three audience members participate in some trick or treat fun (I mean this is their Halloween tour, after all!). They also had guest musicians including John Moyer whom you may know from Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob, and more.
Afterwards, Kimberly met her fans, and was such a sweetheart. She really is one of the absolute nicest people in the music world, that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has such a down-to-earth and friendly persona to her, that it's impossible not to love her.
In all this was a truly awesome and fun show, from start to finish!
I also want to take the chance to mention that this was the first time, I ever covered a concert officially as press for my site. So, yes, I did, in fact have very own first concert press pass! I was very excited and proud of myself, it meant a lot to me because of my life long love of hard rock and metal. And, while this site has had music before I am expanding that coverage, as may already have noticed. Actually, I have a lot of big things planned for this site so stay tuned!


PiercingMetal Ken said...

This was truly a great show and if more people cannot rally behind these bands based on your glowing words about them I don't know what what to say. So much talent and such diversity this was an amazing night from beginning to end.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you! And, I meant every word I said. I definitely think my readers should be checking out and supporting all the bands here.