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UK Rockers Pink Cigar Are Coming to NYC!

All pictures come courtesy of Pink Cigar's press kit from their manager Tommy Kennedy.


There is an exciting new hard rock with a punk edge band from London, UK, called Pink Cigar that I think you guys should definitely be checking out. They are coming to the US soon, so now would be the perfect time to do so!

From the press release:

Thundering their way through their hometown of London, the UK and on through Europe via a select number of festivals, Pink Cigar have thrashed in the face of the otherwise predictable roster of  bands that have emerged from the city’s east end. Bucking the geographical trend of attention by sticking to their Ladbroke Grove stomping ground in the west, this punk rock n roll quartet wouldn’t call themselves entirely compliant with the supposed formulae currently doing the rounds.

‘’Championing 70s Grime through a young voice. Louche butspiky, with a smoky troubadour edge and sassy grooves which suggests warmersophistication. Dirty Stuff.’’ Classic Rock Magazine

Within the last four years, singer Whiplash Jackson, Guitarist Edd Whyte, bassist Sam Rutland and drummer Sid Mayall have earned a devout following and toured with heavy hitters such as The Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster while winning the support of industry legend Mick Jones amongst

others. The band’s firecracker charisma and the undeniably striking look irrepressibly turn heads – and that’s before they’ve had a chance to play a note.

“It’s that rough and ready ‘don’t give a fuck’ charm that quickly hasthe fast-rowing crowd leaping
around like idiots.” Uber Rock
With self-cited influences such as Iggy & The Stooges, The Clash and a dusting of Aerosmith, it’s easy to see how this heavy rock n roll punk outfit incorporate spectres of their predecessors, while staying fresh by moulding their own distinguished sound and unique lyrics. Scaling a chart that marries Glam rock (think T.Rex, The Sweet), the spirit of 77 punk (Pistols esq) and the driving guitar-led glittery orgasma of the New York Dolls, Pink Cigar’s distilled but loaded rock ’n’ roll equipoise at times gives way to patent bluesy undertones, while at the same time, retains a poignant tenderness.

“The charisma and devilish swagger is backed by equally adept musicianship in the shape of effortlessly slick grooves and full-throttle punk rock.” Big Cheese Magazine

Following the release of their debut LP, ‘We’re Gonna Get You Out of Here’ at the end of 2013, the band is limbering up for the release of their follow up single, “Generation Next.”


Suck it.
1st October - Showcase JWT Kensington

3rd October - Baamhakke, Salzburg

15th October - The Adelphi, Hull

24th October - Hertford Corn Exchange

14th November - Fusion Bar, Warrington

28th November - Sidewalk, New York

29th November - Otto’s, New York

1st December - Beast of Bourbon, New York

4th December - Hank,s Saloon, Brooklyn

5th December - Gussy’s Bar, Queens

‘We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here’ Reviews

Art Rocker 4/5

Classic Rock 7/10

Big Cheese 7/10

Vive le Rock 8/10

Pink Cigar​is: Whiplash Jackson (Vocals), Edd Whyte (Guitars/ Vocals), Sam Rutland (Bass), Sid Mayall (Drums)

Website: pinkcigarmusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pinkcigar 

So be sure to check them out when they come to your town. And, I will be at least one of their NY shows, so if you're there you will see me, very likely with my site's crew, of my Master's Minions.