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Horror Crush: Debi Sue Voorhees

Paramount/ Warner Bros recently released the Friday the 13th films (minus, for whatever fucking reason, Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X) on double feature blu-rays (in other words, you get two of the movies on one disc). I never got the blu-ray box set, that came out a few years back because they were all R-cuts of the movie. Now, I don't expect all of the movies to come out unrated. Supposedly, some if not most of that footage is lost, or, at least, in shit condition. But, even the first and 9th film (both already available unrated on DVD, or in the case of the first film, on both formats) were in their butchered R-edits. I stuck to my DVDs (and blu-ray of the second film) and was willing to remain that way, lest they dropped the price drastically on the box set. But, anyways, now with these releases (which is selling out continuously, it seems), I can finally have this series in HD! The first disc I picked up is the one for parts V (which I always enjoyed) and VI (to me, it's by far the best of the sequels).

Now part V is entertainingly awesome and fun and features many lovely ladies (including to me, the hottest of all the Friday final girls, Melanie Kinnaman), so I want to take this chance to show some love for one of the most beautiful girls in the film, and the series, for that matter: Debi Sue Voorhees!!

The beautiful Ms. Voorhees (she shares Jason's last name, more on that later!) was born on July 28, 1961 in Dallas, Texas. In Dallas, she worked as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club from 1980-1982. In 84, she made her acting debut in a horror flick called Innocent Prey. I never saw this movie this Australian flick, but she played a hooker in it.

From there she played Tina in Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning. This one takes place several years after the last film, as Final Chapter (ha! Clearly NOT the final chapter, after all!) hero Tommy Jarvis is all grown up and goes to a halfway home for teens. Tina is one of the girls, and she likes to have sex with her annoying boyfriend. But, you won't care, cause honestly it is just excuse for her to show her AMAZING body. Her God-given boobies rank among the best racks in the entire series. They are glorious! Her ass is also truly a site to behold and worship. I remember being totally in love with her as a kid. She was fucking hot! And, then there is her awesome last name. I thought it was THE greatest coincidence ever, in that her last name is the same as the series' main antagonist, Jason Voorhees! OK technically, the killer in this installment ain't Jason but regardless, you get my fucking drift. Her death scene is mostly off-screen, but very brutal as she gets her pretty eyes cut with gardening sheers.

For all the above reasons she is really memorable and has long been in my list of the most beautiful women in the series. Which, makes me think, would guys ever wanna see me do the 10 hottest girls in the Friday the 13th  franchise? Leave me a comment if you do. Anyway, Voorhees is truly a gift from heaven and does decently well in her limited role. I mean it's basically be pretty, get nude, have sex, die horribly, but she is perfectly fine (in every way) doing just that.
While, not a horror film by any stretch of the word, her next film was Avenging Angel, the first sequel to cult classic Angel. I don't remember much of anything about this one, other than I really fucking hated it. From she did her next horror film and the last film she was in,  Appointment with Fear (1985). It was produced by Halloween franchise producer Moustapha Akkad. I never seen this one either. Have any of you?

She left acting shortly after, but as extra features and docus on the Friday the 13th franchise have proven, she is still gorgeous! Even if some her other work wasn't as popular, we fans will always recall and love the gorgeous Debi Sue Voorhees for her appearance in the fifth film in the world's most prolific slasher film series!