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Five Points Festival, Part 2

One of the coolest things that went on at Five Points Festivals was that there was live painting going on during the con. These are the ones I got to see going on.

This took place right next to the VIP Lounge and Bar. I never actually went inside cause for the most part I was covering and, well, not lounging. 

Earth to Kentucky had a couple of things that caught my eyes.

One of coolest, if you will, booths was I Like Cool Shit. I really liked their setup.

Also present were various tattoo artists doing some cool ink. One blonde girl was getting a particularly awesome one on her thigh.

Lost in the City, these guys from New York really caught my attention cause of their Pizza Rat inspired art.

Tainted Sweets:

Dope Pope had some really awesome kaiju sculpts.

Some random coolness as we reach the end:

I told the guy who made these that these Godzillas were among "the coolest shit I saw" that Saturday! Cause, they really were!
Yes, that is Gwar's late, great Oderus Urungus! So fucking cool!!

Five Points Festival had a beer garden with some delicious beer, that I partook in, cause of course I did!

Cheers to all my dear readers, followers, and friends!

I had a real good time at the Five Points Festival and saw some really awesome stuff. Did any of you go? Are any of you thinking of going now that you've seen this and the first part of my report? If so let me know in the comments section below.