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Five Points Festival 2023, Part 1

This past weekend of June 10 & 11, 2023 marked the latest edition of Five Points Festival, time held at ZeroSpace in Brooklyn, NY. I went on Saturday the 10th, and it marked return to attending and covering it since way back in 2018. This con is really fun and intimate and is focused on designer toys. As such, there are so many cool things to look and buy. I saw what was a heavy emphasis on Kaiju, possibly in part to the Kaiju battle they were gonna be having later on at night. This focus was perfect for me, as I LOVE Godzilla and other giant monsters. Anyway, the following is some of my favorite things that caught my eye and/ or attention that day.

The Strange Cat Toy booth had some really cute and cool designer figurines.

Super 7 were one of the very few major toy companies onhand. As always, they were selling some of THE cool product you are likely to see anywhere.

I actually saw this badass skull dude over at Super7. I thought he was a fan in cool cosplay. Turns out he was with and repping the Phantom Starkiller booth.

Here are a couple of other cool booths, that I really liked/ caught my interest:

Seismic Toys was one of two booths were they sold classic, licensed Kaiju toys. As such I kept going back to look at their toys and other monstrous merch!

The other one was Agin Toys, who were the only booth I bought anything at, in this case a vinyl figure of Gamera. But, more on him a little later. For now just oogle at the cool giant monster and giant robot toys that they sold at Five Points!

Toy Art Gallery had some of the coolest designer toys I saw that day. They included toys inspired by classic horror and sci-fi like The Return of Living Dead, Blade, and Terminator 2. They even had a Trump version of They Live!

Clearly this is based on real life!

And, now here is some more random coolness:

Finally, let me end this part of my coverage with the Gamera figure that I bought over at Aign Toys. It's based on his look from the excellent Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. He looks really cool, has some awesome detail, and marks the first imported vinyl Kaiju figure I have ever bought. I've wanted one of this type of toy forever, but being an import toy, they are usually pretty expensive. I thought that at $35, it was still steep. But, I could bring myself to pay for it. Anyway, here he is in all his vinyl glory!

To be continued...