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Top 40 Underrated Beauties from Rodneyvision (Mostly Non-Hairy Girl Edition) Part 2 (30-21)

30. Sydney Sanchez- Sydney Sanchez, AKA Sydney Dance, was a gorgeous Latina performer that put the curves in curvy! I love her scene that's in Monster Facials.com the Movie Vol. 5. In it, she is washing cars, and of course washes Rodney Moore's. Afterwards, she goes to his house to wash his mirrors. She works for sex, so, of course, he bones her. It ends with a nasty money shot, that Sydney takes and sells like a champ! 

As, I said before, she has a killer and, best of all, natural body. Her legs and ass alone are enough to drive you crazy! The fact, that she is sexy, fun, flirty, slutty, and playful, not to mention absolutely gorgeous, further drives this scene to the winner's circle!
29. Genevieve De Kay- I fucking LOVE goth girls, and Genevieve De Kay is a goth babe that was as hot as they came! This stunner shot a couple of videos for Rodney, as as well, as others, yet is never talked about. A shame, cause she was not only a breathtaking babe but a hot performer, too! 

As for my favorite scene of hers, that I have seen, I think the threesome, with Christi and Rodney, from Goo Girls 6 is the best one that she has done. But, with the gorgeous Christi (blonde girl below) lapping it all up at the end, so to speak, I feel like it's to her the extra points go to.
So, instead I recommend that De Kay and goth babe lovers go first to Monster Facials.com the Movie 5, for not one but two clips with her! Both are good, but the second one gets the edge with her having jet black hair (for extra hot, gothiness!) and taking a massive load to her face and walking around with it!
28. Candy Hill- If we are gonna talk about nasty girls and scenes, then we gotta bring up blonde beauty Candy Hill. In yet another clip featured in Monster Facials.com the Movie 5, she takes a big Rodney load and swallows it all! 

27. Rubee Tuesday- One of my favorite MILFs in the history of the biz, Ruby Tuesday was an alt-babe, redhead (man, she combined like a million things that I love!) that shot for a lot different companies, including quite a few for Rodney.
Her hottest scene, of the ones, I have seen so far, is the absolute scorcher from Different Strokes 7: Hooker Alley. As the title would suggest, every scene has a hooker theme set-up/ story, with Rodney picking up and fucking the ladies. Hers starts with a killer up the skirt shot and ends with a huge facial.

She looks impossibly sexy and breathtaking in and out her very revealing dress. Her butt, legs, boobs, beautiful face, et all is perfection! She is also nasty, sexy, seductive, and, simply put, HOT as hell! There is no boring parts, nothing to fast forward or skip. In fact, it is such fire, that it takes multiple viewings to finish this one. In short, Ruby was awesome, and might just get her own write-up one of these day. Would you guys like that?

26. Olympia- When it comes to too fucking underrated, we gotta mention nasty beauty Olympia. With killer body and beautiful face, she shot some really deliciously, dirty scenes.
I love anything of I've seen of hers, but one of her scenes isn't just her best, but one of the best scenes ever! It's a threesome with another personal favorite, the gorgeous Queeny Love (who will be ranked in a later entry) and Rodney, duh. It appears in Goo Girls 8, and really delivers on its promise of gum and cum! One of the best all oral threesomes ever commited to video or film, this is yet another one that will take many viewings to finish watching, as it is dirty, sexy, nasty, and slutty, oh and utter fucking fire!!

25. Kelly Klass- My God, is Kelly Klass ever gorgeous! She was a natural stunner, with that hot real, college girl look that I wish more girls had. She shot a few scenes, for Rodney, all pregnant, if I'm not mistaken. That isn't my thing (no kink shaming here, just not my thing). Well, except for the the threesome in We Swallow 37. Which is not just in my ballpark but hits an absolute homerome!

Teaming her up with hot. tatted goddess Aria Aspen (who will be appearing in a future part in this series), she plays a pregnant house cleaner, while Aria play the porn babe who likes doing anal with hot chicks. Rodney rounds out the threesome, of course, and the result is so fucking. nuclear level that your house might actually melt to the goddamn ground!

I won't go into too much more detail about the scene, cuz I'll save it for when I talk about Aria. But, I will say that this is among my very top favorite scenes and one I rewatch A LOT! I also need to say, once again, that Kelly is so gorgeous! She has a sexy and fun personality and has GREAT chemistry with Aria. This on top of her having such a pretty face, killer legs. and a truly amazing butt! It is IMPOSSIBLE to not crush hard on her!

24. Kayla Crawford- Being blonde and having lovely blue-eyes, a beautiful face, a truly amazing bush, spectacular legs, and an INCREDIBLE ass, Kayla was a true heartbreaker. She shot a couple of videos, mostly of the hairy girl/ big bush variety, I wish there had been more of her, cause her one scene with Rodney is one I enjoy revisiting very often.  

It's from Horny Hairy Girls 17, where she is also the covergirl on it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that was one of the selling points on making me buy the DVD several years back. Let's put it this way, I don't regret that decision, at all! In it, Rodney, spots our leggy, blonde babe and has her try on some sexy shoes. In exchange, she will get a foot massage at his place. She also gets fucked by him. I mean what else did you expect? For her to get free socks? In all seriousness, the upskirt shots/ shots of her legs, bush, and behind alone are enough to give it five stars! 

23. K.C.- This gorgeous brunette was so sexy and nasty! I crushed on her the moment I saw her.  She has a beautiful face with big brown eyes and sexy, wavy, long brown hair. 
I'm gonna go with her scorcher in Monster Facials.com the Movie 4, as her best scene. In it, she and two other babes, Lil Lee and Ashley Shye (a huge favorite and to be ranked in a later part in this list) suck and fuck Rodney and Wolf Savage. It's hot and nasty fun, but it's the cum sharing between these three major babes that solidifies its place in my spank bank favorites. 
22. Catherine Kelly- Catherine Kelly is yet another naturally beautiful blonde that shot a couple of scenes with Rodney. She had this really lovely smile and a gorgeous face. Her hair was usual around the shoulder length. Razor straight and bleached blonde, it combined nicely with her stunning, fair skin and really bought out her gorgeous, blue eyes.
While, I have enjoyed every scene I have seen of her for Rodneyvision, my favorite hands down is, of course, her lesbian scene with THE goddess herself, Nadia Nyce. I've talked about how impossibly hot this scene is before, in depth mind you. So, let's just leave it at, they worked and looked perfect together! This is a sexy, playful, and bonerific, good time, that will require you to have multiple tissues onhand! By the way, I mentioned it on that aforementioned write-up, but I would still like to do a post just dedicated to this blue-eyed stunner.

21- Annie Body- Oh, man, how I love Annie Body!! Here's the thing, I always thought she was hot. But, each time I see more scenes of her, I love her more! She had a gorgeous face with very, very long, curly and natural red hair, as well as having a killer body. Her legs and booty were amazing and even more amazing was her full. fire crotch! It was like a gift from the heavens. She was also impressively chested. Though, not natural, they looked great on her! During her long tenure in the adult biz, she shot a lot of scenes, including a bunch for our boy Rodney.

That all being said, my favorite scene of hers is from Horny Hairy Girls 13, in which she is also the delectable covergirl. While, she appeared in various hairy girl movies, it's usually just for that impressive bush. This, then, is the first one I saw where her luscious legs and armpits are also unshaven (if you know of others of hers like this let me know in the comments section below!). 

It starts with her outside talking to us, getting nude, and frigging herself. From there she goes indoors for more self-loving fun. It ends with her SQUIRTING!! Yes, you fucking read that right. This was something she was known for and holy fuck, does it bring this already smoldering scene to yet another level of nuclear hotness. 

Throughout the scene, she is sexy, dirty, and a great tease with nice and provocative talking, looks, and smiles to add to all the heat. She is so gorgeous and hot in it, that this one takes many views and many tissues to reach the finale. I mean mere seconds of watching it, and I am already in love and captivated by her. I only got this movie fairly recently and already, I am revisiting it often! Annie ruled, this scene fucking proves it. And, I think she needs her own write-up, don't you?