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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Zack Snyder's Justice League (Toy Review, Pics & Video)

This time around I am reviewing Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Zack Snyder's Justice League. This incredible set features Superman, Batman, and the Flash, all based on their likenesses from the above movie. While, the theatrical cut from director Joss Whedon was a crock of unwatchable shit, I absolutely loved Zack Snyder's version of it, released a few years later in 2021. Being that these are three figures and not just one, this review will be slightly different in structure, than others I have done. Anyways, let us proceed!

Packaging- The set comes in a large and heavy tin similar to the two previous One:12 figures based on DC Comics live action movies, that I own and have reviewed here
The front (pictured left) has a large "JL" logo with smaller print at the bottom that reads Zack Snyder's Justice League

The top and bottom long sides also have the movie's name and logo.
Meanwhile, the right and left sides have that "JL" logo.
The back of the tin has awesome movie artwork showcasing the three characters.
Everything is in a nice looking greyscale. It all gives the packaging an epic and grandiose feel fitting to this very epic superhero flick.
As always, there are two divisions holding the figures and their accessories.

Flash- This is a good looking figure, though, at first glance something looked a bit off to me. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, though. 
But, a closer look reveals a nice looking suit with good detail. The face is also good and has a pretty good likeness to Ezra Miller, who I shall avoid talking about in this toy review... He comes prepackaged with a serious, closed mouth face and with fists for hands.

Wrists move fully around. He has no ab crunch. Head moves side to side. Arms move a decent amount until they hindered by the shoulder pads. He has good elbow movement, though. He has decent leg opening capabilities, and his ankles fully move.
The figure comes with two extra pairs of hands, as well as one single pointy fingered right hand. There are is well one extra head. 
 The set comes with three of the same stands for the figures. They feature the "JL" logo and name of the movie in black and white.
The pair of curled fingers hands look good. It makes for some great poses. Of the two Flash heads this open mouth one is my preferred one.

The one pointing figure is another cool hand choice to have.

That all being said the chopping hands are my favorite and look best for running poses.

The speed FX are cool once you figure out how and where they go. These look really great on the figure and bring him to life. The light blue with transparent highlights are so freaking cool!

Final Flash Thoughts- The more I played with him, the more I loved him! As the figure grew more and more on me. He's really fun to play and pose especially when done so with the speed FX added.

Final Flash Score

Batman- This is a really good looking figure, as well, with a pretty decent likeness to the actor that plays Batman in this movie, Ben Affleck. He is packaged with an unmasked head and with fists. 

He has good but limited shoulder mobility but no waist movement. Leg has good possibility, as it less hindered by the suit. Speaking of the suit, it has some awesome detailing, which includes detail on the bottom of the boots! The large, wired cape is especially awesome!

Said cape is made of nice material and is perfect for posing. Though thanks to its weight, it's hard for him to stand his own. 
The cowled head with a closed mouth looks good. 
It is one of two alternate heads that come with the figure. Also included are three extra sets of hands and one single right extra hand. There are also three batarangs and three bat-bombs.

One set of hands are for holding the batarangs.

The bat bombs can be held nicely by another set of more tightly closed hands. 

I absolutely love the pair of hands that are sculpted with batarangs in them. I prefer them to the ones where you put the batarangs in them. But, it's nice to have the choice. 

There is a trigger hand, as well as a slightly closed hand. These are good for holding the alien gun that the Parademons use in the movie. It has really nice detail and is a metallic silver color.

The single hand is a trigger hand for the grappling-hook gun, which itself, has three different attachments: closed, slightly open, and fully opened with extended hook and a already posed cable wire.

My favorite of the three Batman heads is the cowled one with the open mouth. And, of the grappling hook attachments the one with posed wire is my favorite. They all combine for some great poses and pics!

I should mention that the left forearm on mine, kept snapping off. But, it easily snapped right back on.
Anyway, the gripping claw allows for some cool and dynamic posing!

Final Batman Thoughts
- Despite some minor quibbles, this is an incredible figure! It looks absolutely jaw dropping and is so cool to pose.

Final Batman Score But, leaning heavily to a 5 star rating!

Superman- This figure has an amazing likeness to the actor portraying the Man of Steel: Henry Cavill. It's by far the best in the likeness department of the three.
And, the detail on his suit is very impressive.

He stands well on his own, and the wired cape looks great! Like the other figures he comes prepackaged with fists and a closed mouth head. 
Shoulder articulation is almost complete and only limited slightly. His elbows bend perfectly, and he has full waist movement. He also has an ab crunch ability.
Legs can almost completely turn. The ankles have full movement, including around and up and down, and the boots have nice detail at their bottom.

He comes with two extra heads and two sets of hands. 
The two extended palm hands are perfect for flying. In fact, I was getting a flashback to the excellent Superman '78 figure that I reviewed right here
Also out of all three of the figures, this is the one that will be getting the most use of the claw gripping post! You'll be able to achieve some awesome poses with it!

I really like the open mouth head, as it has a nice looking expression. Which you add even more to by using the curled fingers hands.

The most epic looking head in this entire set is the heat vision blast one. Holy shit is this ever badass!

Final Superman Thoughts- What a great and amazing figure! It has an absolutely awesome likeness to the actor, great detailing, and the accessories are perfect. Plus, he is fun to pose and play with. The best figure in the entire set, this one gets...

Final Superman Score

The light-up Mother Box is a cool little additional accessory that adds to the awesomeness of this set!

Overall Thoughts- Damn!! What a kick ass set! All three range from excellent to superb. And, when they are together they look freaking AMAZING! The Superman figure, in particular is a total homerun, while the Batman comes pretty damn close to that. If you are a fan of DC Comics and/ or especially if you are a fan of Zack Snyder's take on it or this movie, in particular, then this is an absolute must have!

Overall Final Score