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Chiller Theatre April 2024

This past weekend was that time of the year again, when we go to the best damn convention in the world: Chiller Theatre! So, on April 27, 2024, we headed to New Jersey to have one hell of a good time!

The first celebrity I went up to was the lovely Cindy Weintraub star of cult favorites: Humanoids from the Deep and The Prowler. I'm a fan of both, especially the former, which is a personal favorite, I couldn't wait to meet her. And, she turned out awesome, as she is so sweet, friendly, and personable. Weintraub told us that she was having a great time meeting the fans, and how she had no idea the love they had for these movies.

Next was the celeb I was most pumped to meet this weekend, the gorgeous Lisa Langlois, star of Class of 1984, The Nest, and more. The former is a personal favorite and made me have a huge crush on her as a kid. I've mentioned my love for punk girls and the like ad-nauseum here, but here I go again. Anyways, I did let her know just that, and she was very sweet about it. She told us that her son carried her punked out pic, proudly saying this is "my mom"! She was extremely sweet, as well and also talked to us for a good while. And, she, like Cindy, still looks great!

Fred "The Hammer" Williamson was next for me. From Dusk Till Dawn is one of my utmost personal favorite movies, ever, and the man is a legit legend. So I was so happy to meet him. He had long been on my Chiller guest wish list. And, I gotta say, he is so funny in person! I told him Dusk was one of my favorite movies, and he was like "You are a sick puppy!" That killed me. I admit I was a little starstruck at first, but his sense of humor made it much easier to be around him.

The final celeb I met that Saturday was Angel (Scarface, Carlito's Way) Salazar. He was so cool in person! It was awesome that he did one regular pic and one with an Uzi and some yeyo. While both, Scarface and Carlito's Way are favorites of mine, the former is an utmost favorite. But, I have that Blu-ray in a collector's tin, making it impossible to get a permanent signature on it. So, instead I opted for my 4K copy of Carlito's Way. He said that the former is his most famous role, so he signed as both characters on the 4K disc! So cool of him to do that.

There was this cool room that had some movie props. You can see a few in the pic below.

Of course, the Chiller party was slamming! In fact, this was one of the most fun ones in recent memory, which is saying something!

The following are my Blu-rays and 4K movies that I got signed on this Saturday:
Carlito's Way: Angel Salazar
Humanoids from the Deep: Cindy Weintraub
Class of 1984: Lisa Langlois
From Dusk Till Dawn: Fred "The Hammer" Williamson

And, this is the swag that I bought:
I <3 Gialli (you can see the awesome back of it in the second pic) T-shirt
From Vinegar Syndrome's booth: Graduation Day and
Mail Order Murder: The Story of W.A.V.E. Productions (seen both before the former is a good slasher movie, while the later is an excellent docu about the infamous exploitation/ horror underground company)
The Beast of Screem magazine (LOVE that Jaws cover!)
Mommy double feature (won it cause I bought the above mag, also never seen either flick)

This was an AWESOME edition of Chiller! Any of you go? If so who did you meet? What were the highlights for you? Let me know in the comments section below. As for me, I already can't wait for October's edition!!