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Mezco Toyz 5 Points XL Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla (Toy Review Pics & Video)

This is actually my first time reviewing much less owning a Mezco Toyz 5 Points (named for their 5 point articulation, if I am not mistaken) action figure. But, there's no better way to get introduced to this line, than with amazing set inspired by not just one of my favorite Godzilla/ Kaiju movies, but one of my favorites flicks overall: Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla

Packaging- The packaging on this set looks really nice! The front has a see-through window showcasing the three figures contained within. Though, it should be noted that mine came with the figures packaged upside down for some reason. 

The top of the box has a depiction of a part of the movie's poster. 
The bottom has copyrights and the like.
The sides has the same image depicting the figures battling it out.
The back features a pic of the figures and their accessories (which are also named and explained in descriptions below each figure). Below that there are action/ battle poses that are mostly centered around the Big G and his evil, mechanical counterpart. 

Two divisions hold the figures and their accessories.
Among these are three plain, black, squared stands, one of which I noticed, much later on, is slightly bigger.

King Cesar- Man, what an awesome looking figure we have here! He has amazing and intricate detailing and coloring and looks jaw-droppingly good!
He comes pre-packaged with opened mouth/ lowered ears head that, well, looks great! 
He can't stand on his own (none of these figures can, really), so a stand is needed.
NOTE: While, any stand will technically work on him, the larger one is better for him, due to his wider leg stance. This is something, that as I alluded to earlier, only figured out after shooting pics and "playing" with all three figures for this review.

Left leg barely moves, as it is hindered by the "fur" on his hips. Right leg on mine is stiff as hell, and hence doesn't move at all.
Both arms move around well enough until they are hindered by his shoulder hair.
No head or tail articulation, the latter of which I wasn't expecting anyways.

His alt head has his ears raised and with a grinning mouth (which is referred to as opened mouth in the packaging and instructions). It looks really cool and is a fun option. 

This is also the head where you can attach the prism eye beam FX to, by going into a hole in his right eye. It looks great especially when attached with a nice looking color scheme that has some cool lines (energy?) that pop up inside of it.
Final King Cesar Thoughts- This is an excellent looking figure and is really fun to play with, even if it is limited in its already limited mobility. But, you won't care much cause it looks awesome when displayed.

Final King Cesar Score-

Godzilla- The Big G is represented in a great looking figure, what really captures the look and feel of this version of him. I love the color and detail on him.

He's pre-packaged with a slightly opened mouth head. The big eyes look great and really bring him to life. 

Though the articulation is tight, he can move. Head can do a complete 360, while the arms can also until prevented by his wide hips from going any further.
Legs can move just a bit, and there is no tail articulation, of course. Said tail prevents him from really standing on his own, well. So, you'll need one of the stands. 

The alternate head has his mouth fully opened. It's really cool looking and my preferred of the two heads.

The heat ray FX us a good looking accessory, that is turquoise colored and reflects light nicely. It fits in the open mouth head and looks awesome when attached. The beam serves as the final piece to really bring this figure to life and be ready to save us all from the evil aliens and the terror of their Mechagodzilla!
Final Godzilla Thoughts- Holy crap! What a figure! He's cool and fun to look at, really capturing the essence of this version of the King of Monsters!

Final Godzilla Score-

Mechagodzilla- As soon as I took out this robotic monster out of the box, I loved him! He looks amazing! The shiny silver color is great, giving him an awesome metallic look. The detail is incredible and intricate, right down to his nuts and bolts!

Due to the weight of his tail, he keels over backwards, so of course you'll wanna use a stand (the above one is actually the bigger one technically meant for King Cesar).

His arms, head, and hands(!) turn completely around. Legs almost but can't complete the turn due to the angle that they are at.

The open mouth head is a really fun option that gives a very lively look.

The two space beams FX attach to this head. They are three toned in color and look cool. They have similar details and look to the King Cesar beam, though these are thicker. 

A chest piece comes off to attach the cross attack FX. It's yellow, reflective color looks great. I love that it has the bottom of the open hatch!

The alt hands have finger missile FX and look cool as fucking hell!

Add, everything and he's on an all attack on Godzilla, King Cesar, and/ or the total destruction of Earth (or at the very least Tokyo)!
Final Mechagodzilla Thoughts- This is such an amazing and fun figure! It's the best one of the three (which is saying something) with its detail, articulation, and accessories. Overall, this Mechagodzilla is incredibly fun and cool.

Final Mechagodzilla Score

Overall Thoughts
- What a killer set!! It truly captures one of my favorite movies, and its characters. It's fun, cool, and as such a must have for monster, Godzilla, and/or Kaiju fans. One of last year's best toy sets, it is sold out on a couple of places. But, search and you shall find!

Overall Final Score