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Horror Crush: Katherine Heigl

Our latest induction into Horror Crushes is also a perfect pick for Valentine's Day: the gorgeous Katherine Heigl!

Katherine Heigl was born in Washington DC on November 28, 1978 and was the youngest of four children, Her father is Irish-German (with a Swiss German ancestry), while her mom is of German descent. She started her career modeling and began acting in 1992's That Night. She would eventually become the queen of the rom-com and be well known for the TV series Grey's Anatomy. But, I can honestly I have never seen any of those and that's obliviously not what got her this honor. 

She first caught my eye when as a teen I saw her in ads and doing promotion for My Father the Hero (1994). I thought was a total babe, which got further solidified when she appeared as Steven Segal's niece in the entertaining sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995). But, it's 1998's Bride of Chucky that remains my favorite movie of hers.

My favorite of the Chucky sequels, has our favorite murderous doll getting resurrected by his sexy and voluptuous girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). Heigl plays Jade a cutie who along with her boyfriend become unwittingly involved when they are taken as hostages by the killer doll couple. 

With stylish directing by Ronny Yu, Bride is an absolute blast to watch. It's funny, gory, and thanks to Tilly, in human form anyways, a sexy movie. Heigl is fine in her role, being likable even if slightly bland. She looks absolutely gorgeous and having loved her in that aforementioned Segal movie, I was super happy to see her in a horror movie! I As much, as I love Tilly, who obviously has the more significant role and character, it's Heigl I crushed on the most. 

Her next horror flick was 2001's Scream inspired Valentine. In it, a group of hot, female friends get offed by a whack-job in a Cupid/ Cherub mask. You see, back in junior high they rejected and made fun of a nerdy kid. Now, he wants revenge and decides to off them when they are college aged. 

Like any post Scream movie Valentine is filled with impossibly beautiful people. In the lovely ladies department, aside, from Heigl we also get Marley Shelton, Denise Richards, Jessica Cauffiel, Jessica Capshaw, and a couple of other beauties. Also, like those movies the gore is pretty low. Though the MPAA did excise some splatter for an R-rating, cause of course they did. And, also of course, there is no nudity, sadly. Still, the cast is good, the women hot, and director Jamie Blanks does add some style making for a good looking movie. It's fun even if it is also dumb as fucking shit, especially when it reaches its ending.

Heigl plays Shelley Fisher, the first of the friends who gets whacked. She is a medical student, who goes on a date with some douchebag. Admit ably one of the things I like about the movie is that every guy the girls meet is awful. It adds to the fun. Anywho, this is my favorite role of hers, as she is spunky and funny, on top of looking great in a tank-top. And, in a movie filled with babes, she was, once again my favorite lady. Sadly, she doesn't seem to agree, as Heigl has shit on the film for its supposedly graphic violence and treatment of women. Then again, she doesn't seem to like anything she's done in her past, so whatever.

Now, I gotta admit that I thought this was her final role in horror. But, in doing research for this post I found out that I was wrong! She appeared in the 2002 episode "Cradle of  Darkness" from The Twilight Zone. Apparently this one has to do with killing baby Hitler, which sounds awesome!

Then, she appeared in a 2003 Edgar Allan Poe inspired flick called Descendant.

And, also that year, she appeared in a made for TV horror flick (which honestly is usually a dreaded combination of words, especially post 70s) called Evil Never Dies. If any of you have seen any of these three, let me know how they are in the comments section below.

Like I said, she is certainly more known for movies and TV shows I have zero fucking interest of watching. And, as such I had lost interest in her. Until, I found out about her love of dogs, through her social media. And, so with it being Valentine's Day today and her past horror roles, I am honored (even she might not be, though let's be honest she'll never read this) to induct Katherine Heigl into Horror Crushes!

I would also like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!