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Whatever Happened to Bobbi Bliss?

The beautiful Bobbi Bliss is a stunning and sexy adult film star with some of the most stunning eyes I have ever seen. She also happens to be one of the hottest performers in the industry.

Bobbi was born on January 6, 1973. She has a sexy and natural body. Her measurements are 34B, 26, 33 and her height is 5'6".

This ravishing redhead began her porn career in 1997. She has a great attitude that comes off in her scenes. She seems sassy, sexy, and up for anything. Her scenes were always sure to cause major boners. In particular it's her oral skills that are phenomenal. As a matter of fact in 2000, she won the XCRO Award for Orgasmic Oralist. It's an award she most definitely deserved!!

Bliss was always for any type of scene be it anal, interracial, or lesbian. She has a hot ass, that looks so good when she takes a dick in her backdoor!

I was first introduced to her via her work for Rodney Moore. I saw her in Monster Facials the Movie: Volume 3. With her beautiful, light, blue eyes looking up as she sucked Moore's dick, I was captivated immediately. But, when she swallowed; that's when, I fell in love!!! I think that's my favorite Bliss talent: cum drinking. HOT!!!

She ended up making over 150 movies by time she left the biz in 2007. She claimed that she need to find herself and take break.

During her time in the industry Bliss gave fans true joy with her hot sex scenes and nastiness. And, broke her hearts with undeniable beauty. Her fans know how amazing she was. For those of you she that have never heard of her before or are just not that familiar, I definitely suggest you check out her stuff. I know you will be blissful that you did!


Anonymous said...

i love being deepthroated, nasty, and love to see my partner gulp my cum. After watching almost of Bobbi's blowjob videos I realized i'd never get such a nasty, slobbering sucking and swallow. She loves what she does, that's obvious. I hope she's as cum,cock happy when off the set. One thing: I wish she would sometimes give a deep cumswallow SLOWLY!

Donnie Griffith said...

Bobbie bliss is the undisputed Queen of Deepthroat without question Period. The woman literally LOVE'S to DEVOUR a big dick down her throat it makes her Pussy nice and wet.She loves it when you fuck her throat.Just the site of her Deepthroating videos will make you want to go and masterbate.The women has SKILLS in the art of Deepthroating she specializes in. Not only that it is a site to behold. There is nothing in this world that would give me greater pleasure then to be able to be her LOVER. I would put it on her exactly like she puts on me. Fair exchange is no robbery. Heaven to megatroy even exist stage left. My question is inquiring minds would love to know how has she been? What has she been doing? And who has she been doing it with? And how come she doesn't make any more videos? I not only LOVE her. I miss her. I hope to God no big dick m------f----- has her on lock down.

The Jadeist said...

Where is she now?