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Whatever Happened to Loni?

The beautiful and naturally busty Loni has long been one of my fav performers from the first time I saw her. And, while she no longer stars in pornos, I still enjoying going back and seeing this beauty in action.

Loni was born on July 6, 1977. Her height is 4'11", and her ethnicity is Filipino. Her amazing God-given rack is an impressive 34C. I simply LOVE her boobs!!!

She entered the skin biz in 2002, after receiving an honorable discharge from the US air-force after 3 years of sleeping with girls. Boo! I think she should have gotten a medal for that! That's freaking HOT! She was training to be a medical assistant, until she saw an ad for Jim Souths for being an adult model.

From what I have read, she had some lesbian relationships in the porn biz, first with the beautiful Kimmy Kahn and then with the lovely Phoenix Rae, with whom she lived with in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regardless, of that onscreen she worked with both guys and girls, delivering blistering performances with either or. She did anal and could even squirt. Plus, she also did some fetish stuff including S&M and smoking vids. She blows some smoke in your face here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ1lnqRS4Mk

Anytime that I have seen Loni in a scene she's always delivered the goods. Not only she is gorgeous, but her accent it real sexy! I LOVE it!

Watch her jiggle her HOT tits, here:

Yet, my favorite scene of hers remains a HOT as fuck lesbian scene between her and this blogs, first ever Hot Asian Girl of the Month, Lily Thai. I found it in a lesbian comp DVD (Just Like Sisters), but I'm sure the longer version exists on some other flick. Still, even in the shorten version (still hardcore, BTW), it's too hot for mere words!!!! They kiss in some of the hottest lip locking my eyes have bared witness to. The strap-on action is volcanic! Since, both performers are two of the best in industry has ever seen, it just works! Loni's voluptuous beauty combined with the sexiness of Lily Thai makes it all so delicious!! If you can get your hands on this scene, see it!!! Your dick will thank you greatly!!!! It's easily one of my all time favorite scenes to revisit.

She continued to work in the biz, till 2008. She then left the industry. From what I read, some months back, on a Mika Tan tweet, she's now a nurse. Good Lord!! She can be my nurse anytime!!


Anonymous said...

We miss you loni cum back

Anonymous said...

She still tweets (@officialloni) Her name is Ahleli Wolf ( facebook .com/ahrib) she's a nurse in Vegas and she's exclusively with girls now

Anonymous said...

She did an anal scene with Lee Stone, I think it was from Straight to The A, that was one of my all time favorite scenes. She really indulged that long, curved pipe up her rectum enthusiastically, panting, huffing, cussing, and growling how attracted she was to him the whole while. the kind of mutual, sincere heat that makes a porn scene great to me.

Anonymous said...

You say she is a nurse? Why? Why waste your talent!! Jeesh come back and give the world your talent!! I agree that her scene with Lilly Thai was great but I also loved the with Stacey in Persian Girls.

Anonymous said...

Forget anyone telling her to get back into the business. She was an amazing performer for years and she got out alive, not strung out on drugs or washed up still desperately holding onto fame like so many others. She did her thing and now she's successful doing something else and taking care of her family. That's a huge win. You have to root for people to win in life. I enjoyed all of her scenes and her authentic personality and I'm glad she's happy.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Agreed 100%!