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America, Fuck Yeah!!!

It's the 4th of July!! And, what better time than to celebrate with some real good old American made fun!

This month, on July 22, marks the opening date of the new Captain America movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. I think it looks real fucking good. The trailers have me excited for it. It should at least make us forget all those horrible Capt movies made over the course of time. Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins both have promotions tied in with the release of the movie. I love the Captain America donuts! Real fuckin' good! Although, I don't get the chocolate Hydra sundaes. Shouldn't they be green? Just sayin... Captain America is one of the earliest comics I ever read, and he remains one of my fav comic book heroes. So, here is hoping for the best!

And, now for something that is awesome all year round, not just the 4th, PORN!!!! Here are three porn stars, I wish I could spend today with (and, I'm sure you do/ will want/ want to, as well). After all, they put the FUCK in fuck yeah!!!

Tori Black: Tori is the American girl that I wish lived next door to me! She is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid my eyes on. Rumors are saying she is pregnant and done with porn. Other rumors state that she will only do girl/ girl. Whatever the truth maybe, I wish Ms. Black all the luck in the world.

Alana Evans- So last night I watched my copy of Rodney Moore's excellent comp of some of his best facials, Monster Facials.com the Movie Volume 3. In it, there is a clip taken from Different Strokes 5. In this scene, Alana plays a hooker that Rodney picks up, after being warned by the beautiful Phyllisha Anne (playing a cop), not to do that. He fucks her, then drops her off, with a big facial splattered on her. Officer Anne spots her. She notices the cum on her beautiful face, and to confirm that is indeed semen, she smells and licks it off of her!!! She arrests Evans, while Moore runaway. It's one of my fav facials in the history of porn, and it definitely makes me say FUCK YEAH!!!
Alana is an all American blonde haired, blue eyed beauty from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Coincidentally her birthday is in two days, so happy birthday, Alana! She is a mom, in real life, making her an honest to God, MILF!

Asa Akira- Finally, if I was allowed to only pick one American babe to spend this 4th with, then I would go with the Asian American goddess known as Asa Akira, of course! No shocker, here, and a great excuse for me to post one more pic of her. Asa Akira? FUCK YEAH, baby!!!!

Remember that hot Asian chick (Kira Calvell) in the USA bathing suit in House of the Dead? I know I do! And, so do my pants!! Can, I get another FUCK YEAH?

And, now a song from America's, no fuck that the world's GREATEST punk band, The Misfits!!! It's American Psycho!!!

To all my dear readers and friends, I wish you and yours a very happy and safe 4of July! May you eat and drink and have a blast!! FUCK YEAH!!!