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Chiller Theatre Oct 2016 (Updated!)

Yesterday, Oct. 29, 2016, was another amazing time at my favorite con: Chiller Theatre!! This time around I went with my friend, Baldwin. At the con, I met some celebs, got some swag, wore a little cosplay, and just had a freaking blast!

The very first celeb I went up was the beautiful Crystal Lowe. I been a long time fan of her, probably since I saw her in the way too fun Final Destination 3. But, it's the sometime underrated and totally awesome Black Christmas (aka Black Xmas) remake that I got signed by her. She told me that she thought more would be coming up to her wanting to get FD3 stuff signed, but it turned, I like many others, wanted Xmas signed. I told her that it has been a tradition of mine to watch it every Christmas season, since it came out. Lowe was incredibly sweet in person and loved talking to me and all her fans. She is also, as you can see for yourself, simply stunning.
The next person I went up was the gorgeous Lauren-Marie Taylor, aka Vickie of Friday the 13th Part 2. The gorgeous Kirsten Baker, also of the same sequel, was suppose to be sitting next to her but was at lunch. I would meet her later. Anyway, I told Taylor that she and Kirsten were big crushes of mine growing up, and they were. She said was faltered as she had never been anyone's crush (what? come on! She's beautiful!!), and that Kirsten was everyone's crush, male and female!
As I said, later I met Kirsten, who wore her Mickey Mouse tee like she does in the movie!! Both of them were so sweet to me, that I swear to God they made my day! Kirsten even said I was cute! I was the happiest 12 year old 40 year old guy, you could have ever met! The picture below ranks as one of my favorite Chiller pics, ever!
I have been into adult coloring books since last year when my little doggy Topi had gotten ill with cancer. I started with a Star Wars one, but after her passing my friend Baldwin gave me a couple more for my birthday. They help a lot with my anxiety. I saw one called The Beauty of Horror by Alan Robert in Barnes and Nobles the other day. So when I saw the artist, himself, was selling and signing his book at the con, I jumped at buying it since it was fucking cool!
I had not seen my friend Ruby LaRocca in what was a couple of years. It was great to see and catch with her and meet Rich Mallery. I loved their movie Sociopathia, and I got to interview them about it. That will be up in the near future, so stayed tuned!

From then it was on to the Chiller party! I partook in the costume contest in my Punisher cosplay. I knew I wasn't gonna win, but it was so much fun! Below are all the winners:
I love being in cosplay! Expect to see me at more cons like this!
There were lots of great costumes. Here are some of my favorites:
 Pretty Woman cosplay! BTW, she is way more beautiful than Julia Roberts. Just saying.
 With The Thing cosplayers who were AWESOME! Probably one of the coolest cosplays that I have ever seen!
With a gorgeous Wednesday Adams!

We didn't have a room this year, so we didn't see much of the concert, as we had to leave earlier than usual. But, we saw a little of it and enjoyed it, of course. In fact, we had a great time, and here's to returning to Chiller next year!!
Below is a picture of all the swag that I got at Chiller and below that, my autographs:

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Photography by BAS Photography & Design and myself