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Horror Crush: Christie Clark

Halloween is right around the corner and I feel we need more horror posts (not related to NYCC) here. And, I am doing that right now! Let's go with an induction to this site's Horror Crushes, This time it is for beautiful blonde actress Christie Clark!
Clark was born on Dec. 13, 1973 in Los Angeles, Cal. She is best known for playing Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives. Well, best know to those who watch soaps, cause I had no clue about that, until recently. I know her best from her horror work, of course!
She made her acting debut as little Angela Walsh in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. Now, I have this one quite a few times, but had no clue she was the little girl, till just right now. She's fine in her role. The movie itself is, well, just OK. It's easily one of the weakest entries in the series. It has it's moments, but most of the time it just sort of lame. Eh, middle of the road entry is better than a shit one, right? Her most memorable moment in the sequel is an admit ably silly one wherein she wears fake nails, kinda like Freddy, himself. Kinda.
I first truly noticed and will forever remember as the love interest to the lead kid in the superior sequel Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice. In it, said boy and his dad pass by the town from the first flick where the kids killed everyone. Soon new kids starting killing adults. Meanwhile, our hero falls for said local hottie, who thankfully doesn't kill adults. She dreams of leaving this boring town for NY. He dreams about getting it on with her. Thankfully, for him, she is into him, so he doesn't just simply drool all over her.
She is a sight to behold with her flowing, long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and beautiful face. This is coupled with an amazing body! Her cleavage alone is killer and then there is her awesome behind covered by those amazing daisy dukes that she has one. I am pretty sure our hero had to hide his boner from her, a couple of times, none more than when eyes her by a waterfall.
I said this entry in the ridiculously long (and admit ably super-ridiculous franchise) is superior, cause it simply is. A fun movie, it moves at a quick pace and features some good kills. It clearly knows that it is meant to just be dumb fun, but yet is light years ahead of the very stupid, and sometimes oddly overrated, first movie. I would say it is the best entry in this laughable franchise. Now, I realize that this seems like faint praise, but I do honestly think it's a great time to be had.
Clarke is good in her role. She is very likable, as is her character. Even if girls next door/ country girls are not your thing (the later is usually not), she will make you reconsider that! In fact, I am will to go to corn land just in hopes that it is filled with naturally beautiful blondes! But, also hoping that it is not filled with homicidal children and teens who worship said corn.
Sadly, these two sequels are her only horror work. Clark, we genre fans miss you! We want you to come back to the genre and do more horror! As you can see from the more recent pics here, she is still an absolute stunner! Considering the massive crush I had on her when CotCII came out, and the fact that it returns every time I rewatch it, Christie Clark deserves being one of this site's Horror Crushes!