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Five Points Festival 2018, Pt. 4: The Final Chapter

Jim McKenzie had some amazing sculptures. I particularly LOVED the doggy ones!

Speaking of dogs, and bears(!), check out these made by Locknesters.

More doggy, and other cute animal love, this from Diana Teeter Art:

Check out the product of Vincent Scala, creator of Lucky Cat:

One-Eyed Girl returned from last year. I LOVE her product, so much! By the way, her scratch and sniff figurines really do smell. Hmmm, bacon! Yum!

Fellow horror and punk fans will love the work of Brian Ewing!

Simon Says Macy has some of the figurines stuff ever!

Last but not least, I LOVE the art of Agnes Garbowska, so much, that I bought the print of doggy Iron Man vs. doggy Captain America, off of her! Seriously, her work freaking rules, as it is cute and beautiful.

And, speaking of which, this is swag, I picked up at Five Points Festival:

Until, next year, Five Points!

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