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The 10 Best Vampire Movies

Tired of lame glittery vampires it was nice to see a good and original vampire flick last night in the form of Daybreakers. That led me to want to write this blog where I pick my 10 ten favorite vampire movies. I would imagine some of you have seen many of these films, but any you may not have seen are of my highest possible recommendation.

10. - Fred Dekker's fun and funny tribute to the Universal horror classics is a great mix of classic horror, modern FX, and humor. All the classic monsters are here, but it's the evil Dracula (the wonderful Duncan Regehr) who really shines. Regehr plays one of the best Counts since Frank Langela. I simply love the scene where he calls the little a girl a "bitch". Nice! His vampire brides, here a trio of teen babes, is in it, too.

9. - The best in the horror superhero series, Blade II, is fast paced and bloody. Del Toro makes a killer movie with villains that rank among the coolest looking the genre has ever seen. Our hero is, of course, a half breed, and gets to hook up with beautiful vampire honey Leonor Varela. One of my personal favorite Del Toro movies.

8. - Anne Rice's classic is one of my favorite books, ever. And, this is a great adaptation of it. Sumptuous and beautifully rendered with an excellent cast, it is one of the rare times a movie does a great book justice. Lestat is also one of the best vampire villains in the sub-genre. Too bad, this series inadvertently bought on that Twilight crap...

7. - One of the best anime movies ever made, this exciting and bloody toon is stunning to look at and features some kick ass violence and cool villains and an awesome fucking hero. The lush animation is blood red and visually stunning.

6. (aka Horror of Dracula)- Yes, I like the Universal Drac films, but I prefer the Hammer stuff. And, as great as Bela was there is no better Dracula than Lee. And, this is his best film. It also happens to be one of the finest horror movies ever made. A defining, important, and highly influential classic.

5. - Roddy McDowall as a Peter Cushing inspired hero and Chris Sarandon as one of the suavest and coolest vampiric villains ever make this an unforgettable good time. In fact the whole cast just shines. It's also stylish, sexy, and funny. And, the impressive, and messy, climax is one of the best in any genre. A close to my heart favorite of mine, I simply cannot recommend this one enough.

4. - Leave to Chan-Wook Park to breathe new life into the vampire sub-genre. Great acting, the hottest vamp ever (Kim Ok-Bin), a wonderful script, and more awesomeness, add up to not only the best vampire film in the last ten plus years, but last year's best movie, period.

3. - Katheryn Bigelow's horror masterpiece is beautifully shot and never utters the word vampire. The acting from the phenomenal cast is perfect, with many of the cast from James Cameron's Aliens appearing here. It's a perfect mix of action, romance, gore, and horror that it simply tramples the competition. The bar scene is fucking classic all the way.

2. - Also winning the award for sexiest vampire movie, ever, this erotic gory cult-fav has two of the yummiest bi-vamps you will ever find in the form of Anulka and Marianne Morris. There have been a ton of rug muncher vamp movies after this, but this one is still the best one.

1. - This Rodriguez and Taratino classic made an impression on me when I saw it as a teen, and it, to this very day, remains my favorite vampire movie, ever. Gory, action packed, fun, humorous, outrageous, well acted by a killer cast and truly amazing FX by KNB. I mean really this one has it all. The vampires also look very cool and, hey, if you are gonna get killed by vampires, why not have them be stripper bloodsuckers? Salma Hayek's dance is one of the sexiest you'll ever see, and will make a lasting impression in your head (both of them!). A vampire movie that is the very definition of the word "cool".

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Alan's World said...

Very good list of great Vampire Films. But here some other great vampire films to put on that list: Mario Bava's BLACK SUNDAY with the great Barbara Steele,Hammer's THE VAMPIRE LOVERS with Ingrid Pitt, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, COUNT YORGA:VAMPIRE,BLACULA, NOSFERATU(both the original 1922 version and the 1972 version with Klaus Kinski),HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, 1979's DRACULA with Frank Langella, EL VAMPIRO(the first Hispanic(Mexican) Vampire film, EL CONDE DRACULA(1931 Spanish version of the Universal classic that was made concurrently with the Lugosi classic and is considered by many to be better than the Lugosi classic),Francis Ford Coppola's DRACULA, Hammer's CAPTAIN KRONOS:VAMPIRE HUNTER(which is really the inspiration for Vampire Hunter D),THE RETURN OF DRACULA,INNOCENT BLOOD.In my blog,ALAN'S CORNER,I had posted a list of the best of vampire films on Oct 23,2009 which is very similar to yours. If you want,you can check it out.