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My Saturday NYCC 2017 Punisher Cosplay

As long promised, here are the pics of me as Punisher, all with other cosplayers, at last year's New York Comic Con. I did this particular cosplay on Saturday. It marked my second time at Comic Con in this cosplay, which I have also done at other cons and events. By now, he is second nature to me but is always a blast to pull off. Above you can see me with two of Marvel's other New York City crime fighters, Daredevil and Spider-Man! Kingpin and the other baddies better watch their asses!
I next teamed up with my fellow NetFlix heroes, Iron Fist, doggy Luke Cage, and Daredevil! These guys were really cool and did some great cosplaying. I freaking loved the fact that the dude doing Iron Fist dressed his way too cute Pomeranian as Luke Cage. You can see a better pic of them directly, below:

 This gorgeous cosplayer did a truly excellent and sexy Catwoman cosplay!
The crossover of the year! "Punisher Vs. Aliens!" Actually, this would be awesome if it actually happened. Marvel and Darkhorse need to make this a comic-book reality!

Finding and posing with others doing Punisher cosplays is always. Especially when they are as truly amazing as the following two:

My friend Nelson D. Martinez did a gun toting vigilante cosplay of his own in DC's the Red Hood. He looked awesome and badass as fuck! Below you will see us with some other kick ass DC cosplayers:

Spider-Gwen and I ready to team-up and take down some bad guys! Awesome cosplay, by her, by the way!

As always, I had a blast being my favorite comic-book hero. I shall be bringing him back later this year for NYCC and maybe some other cons. We shall see. Until then, this concludes my coverage of last year's NYCC. Did any of you attend? Are you any of the cosplayers featured in this or any of the pics in links below? If so please leave a comment and let us know. 

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