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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Jasmine Mai

This month's beauty is one of the most recognized models that does public appearances. She also happens to be one of the hottest: Jamsine Mai!

Jasmine was born in the Bay Area in California. But, she resides right here in NYC! She is a mix of Chinese and Filipina. She weighs 90 lbs. and is 5'0" feet tall. Her tight little body measures a stunning 32b-22-32.

Jasmine has been doing public appearances for quite a few years ago. The first time I recall seeing her was when Jenna Jameson was signing autographs for her book in the Virgin Megastore some years back. She was always smoking hot!

She still does appearances at comic book and adult cons. I seen her at the Big Apple Con quite a few times. And, I saw her at last year's Exxxotica NY.

Here is a vid someone took of her, there:

Goddamn! She is so sexy and hot! She has the best poses.

She also does a lot of car shows. In fact, she is one of the biggest Import Models out there.

This is Jasmine at Hot Import Nights, which I hope to go to this year:

Man, I LOVE this girl! And, after seeing this vid, I know for a fact that I NEED to go to this!

Those of you who still need further proof of her hotness or just wish to keep on drooling, should check out this vid from a photo shoot that she did:

Here is more hotness:

I guess by now you get the point! But, then I read on a website that her favorite movie is So Close, an awesome shoot 'em-up staring Shu Qui and two other Asian beauties. This movie puts crap like Charlie's Angels to shame. It's a great flick that you should totally check out. Anyways, it just goes to show that not only is Jasmine hot, but she great taste in movies, too!

Our lovely babe can be found on myspace, facebook, and her own site. She always sexy pics, so you need to browse your ass over there, now!

Jasmine has a beautiful face, a sexy attitude, and a killer body to match. Her ass is to die for! The truth is Jasmine Mai fucking rulz!

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