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Burlesque Show by Cevena Fox and Raquel Reed at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo 2016

Two beautiful inked models, Cervena Fox and Raquel Reed, performed amazing burlesque dances at this year's NY Empire State Tattoo Expo, and you can see pics of their first set on Sat, July 16, 2106, in this post.

For me the single person I was most excited to see at the expo had to be the beautiful Cervena Fox. I been a fan of this absolutely stunning model for a very long time, and, as such, I couldn't wait to see her burlesque show that she was gonna perform. And, what a performance it was! Sexy and beautifully choreographed, it was one of the highlights of the day. That she used A Perfect Circle's "Judith" to perform to only made it that much cooler!

Her performance was followed by another beautiful burlesque dancer, Raquel Reed. I must admit that I didn't know anything about her before this expo, but I am a fan now! This Brooklyn native is sexy, and she smoldered onstage! The choreography was beautiful and her body is simply amazing!

Afterwards they both got onstage and took in the much deserved adoration of us, the amazed and wholly captivated crowd.
Cervena was all smiles as I got to met her. I let her know that I was most excited about finally meeting her in person. She is very sweet and down to earth, which made this all the more memorable and awesome.

All photography by Negative Pop.


Alegra Chetti said...

so awesome

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you. Glad that you enjoyed it! 😊