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Horror Crush: Perrey Reeves

Today I am adding one of my personal favorites to this site's ever growing Horror Crush division, the exquisitely beautiful and intensely sexy Perrey Reeves!
Reeves was born was born, here, in New York City 45 years ago on Nov. 30, 1970, though she wold end up being raised in New Hampshire. She is probably best known to mainstream audiences for her role on HBO's Entourage as the wife of Ari Gold, Ms. Gold. But, not to me. I have never watched that show. You see, I know her best for her two horror roles, in particular the one she played in Child's Play 3.
Set in a military academy, the beautiful Ms. Reeves, who was only 21 at the time of it's release, plays one of the cadets, Kristin DeSilva. She becomes the defacto love interest of a now older Andy (played by different a actor than the two preceding installments). While flawed, I enjoy this installment. Some think of it as one the weakest of the first three, if not the weakest in the franchise. I tend to disagree and prefer it to 2 (which I still like, regardless). Reeves is good in her role, adding a little bit of attitude and sex appeal both to her role and the franchise as a whole. I developed an immediate crush on her, and would go so far as to rank her among my biggest final girl crushes in my teen years. Seriously, I still melt when I see her onscreen whenever I go back to watch this one.
Her next and, thus far, final role in the horror genre was in the second season episode "3" for The X-Files. She played a vampire babe, that Mulder is investigating and ends up protecting and falling for. It's easy to see why. I mean she just drips sex in this role. Also, Scully has been abducted so he's going through some emotional shit. I remember watching this episode back in the day and thinking it was crap. But, I remember loving the girl in it! I just didn't realize, back then, that it was the chick from Child's Play 3. This was three years later, so that may have been part of the reason.
I watched it again a few nights ago, and well it's still a bad episode. But, her acting was serviceable. Her role was kinda weak, but she certainly knows how to play sexy with a natural veracity. It turns out that in real life she and David Duchovny were dating at the times of the episode. Anyways, she's hot, the episode, not so much! But, there are worse episodes in the series. Though, that is probably for another post...
Sadly, that is it as far horror and Reeves go. It sucks, too, because I find her to be one of the most naturally beautiful and unmedigatedly attractive women in mainstream cinema. And, with that beautiful face of hers, lovely brown eyes, sexy brunette hair, great body, nice boobs, and great butt, I would be hard pressed not to think that.
Ms. Reeves, you are a true stunner and very much a perfect representation of the word MILF. I only have two requests for you:
1. Do more horror stuff.
2. Marry me, please!
In the meantime I leave you with a couple more sexy pics of her even if they're not from her horror appearances.