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The First Official Trailer to Soska Twins' "American Mary"!

I been to dying to see a trailer for the Soska Twins the hotly anticipated movie American Mary, the follow up to their amazing Dead Hooker in Trunk. And, after seeing it I am even more pumped for it!! I simply cannot wait to see it. It's great that the beautiful Katherine Isabelle is in it, plus the appearance of the twins themselves in this trailer sealed the deal as a must for me!
By the way, here is the panel for the movie, from their San Diego Comic Con Panel, in case, like me, you weren't there. Oh, and if you do happen to catch them at SDCC, be sure you go up to them, and tell 'em the Master sent ya!


Steele Rod said...

This movie is going to rule! The Soska Twins are getting a lot of attention of late, deservingly so!

Giovanni Deldio said...

I agree, 100%!