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No Man's Land: Asian Edition

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Edition
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Miko Lee, Charmane, Ayala, Mayo Sato, Risa Yamaguchi, and Tina Toy

The first installment in my absolute fav porn series, ever, is a solid beginning to the series and has the beautiful Charmane (aka Charmane Star) star (pun not intended) as a writer. Her lover is the the gorgeous Miko Lee, who plays a model.

They both appear in the first scene. It's hot despite the over use of toys. Charmane has such a beautiful, gorgeous face, while Miko Lee is so fucking sexy. I love seeing Charmane lick Miko's butt-hole, and there is lots of nice kissing.

Soon, Miko's cousin (Ayala) moves in with them. Meanwhile, we are treated to the second scene. The lovely Maya Sato plays a model being interviewed by the beautiful Risa Yamaguchi. It starts off stunningly hot with a photo shoot, that just put me over the top. Best of all there was no use of toys, it loses a little steam as it goes on, though. But, had it kept it's initial heat level, this would have been a perfect scene. Still damn fucking good, though!

Next we see the cousin giving clothing, that she had made for her, to Charmane's character. It's a red hot beginning to a very sexy scene, that ends up being the movie's best. It has lots of kissing and fingering, and no toys. It's just so yummy to see Ayala and Charmane together!

The fourth scene has Miko Lee and Maya Sato waiting for a shoot to be shot. So they decide to fuck in the shower. Hmm, is this how it goes in real life? Inquiring minds want to know! Anyway, it is a sexy, great, hot scene with some very nice pussy eating. Sadly, the overt use of sex toys kills it, and causes the scene to lose the heat that it had initially.

Finally in the last scene, Alaya gets an interview with the top lady in fashion (Tina Toy). This one just gets hotter and hotter until toys come into play. Sadly, though, much like the scene before it, it ends up losing steam because of this.

The picture quality is good, as is the sound. We get trailers to other No Man's Land movies, a good photo gallery, cast bios, and an all too short and disappointing behind the scenes as extras. The movie, itself, is a good little lesbo porno. Even the weakest scenes are good and worth seeing as all of them posses some very hot moments, making this a worthy addition to your collection.

3 out of 4 Woodies

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baldwin said...

My favorite series when it comes to Lesbian porn