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Music Mix: Cover Up

Time for a new mix kiddies! This time around, my mix is all cover songs. Most of them are of metal bands covering other metal bands, but a couple of them are of metal bands taking on more pop oriented music. In parenthesis, after each song title, you will find the name of the original band that played that song, in case you wanna know who it was, or you wanna look for the original (which you really should do). I tried to pick some cover songs you might have not have not heard, but I think all the songs are fucking awesome takes on them and kick ass. Anyways, you can download the mix from here: http://www.4shared.com/file/154795549/43818394/Cover_Up.html

And, for the horndogs, or the simply curious, amongst you, the girl on the cover is the lovely Christian Serratos, who stars in the Twilight movies. The pic is from a PETA ad, that she recently did. Clearly PETA kicks ass! The Twilight films, on the other hand, are pretty fucking annoying...

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