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Music Mix: Feel the Power!

There are songs that when I listen to them I just feel great inside, for whatever reason that maybe. Perhaps it's the lyrics, the band, the feel of the song,l it jsut depends on the track or so many other factors. This, my latest mix, and my first in six months, is filled with songs that give me that good feeling. I wanna rock out to them, I wanna sign along to them, and some even empower me.

My intention is to do the same for you, hence the title. The nude beauty on the cover is the always stunning, sexy, and sweet Courtney Cummz. Why her? Cause, I think just looking at her will make you feel good. And, as I have said before here, her "cute" blog always gives me a positive feeling whenever I read it, so she goes along perfectly with this mix.

For those of you feeling down, I hope this mix lifts up yours spirits, and for those already of us feeling good, it'll add to the happiness. I made to sure to include a good variety of classic and modern hard rock, metal, metalcore, thrash, and groove metal. Enjoy and rock on, my metal brothers and sisters!!!

The cover and track listing is above, and you can download the mix, itself, here: http://www.4shared.com/file/Feonf0g2/Feel_the_Power.html