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Forever Evil

Title: Forever Evil
Number: 1
Script: Geoff Johns
Art: David Finch
Covers: David Finch, Richard Friend, and Sonia Oback
Editors: Kate Stewart and Brian Cunningham
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: 3.99

The DC heroes are gone/ dead. The few that remain include Nightwing and others trying to keep order. Meanwhile, the DC Universe's villains are all asked to gather together by the Crime Syndicate. They are an evil alternate universe of the JLA and are lead by the complete opposite of Superman, Ultra-Man, who draws his power from Kryponite but is weakened by the sun. They tell the villains to stand with them in this new world, where they work their evil as they wish to. But if they stand against them; they will be destroyed!

I have been avoiding DC's The New 52 like the fucking plague. But, I had been dying to read this, as it is villain-centered, since it was first announced. The result is a great read! This perfectly sets up what is to come, with a nice script that builds up quite well from Geoff Johns, one of my long time favorite writers. It's nicely complemented by David Finch's artwork, including the very cool cover and the kick ass gate-fold splash page.

So, DC have done something that ain't been able to do in ages: they got me interested in reading something that occurs in their own universe. I am very much looking forward to issue 2! Highly recommended.

**** out of ****