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A Monster Is Stuck Up My Ass- The Red Band Trailer to "Bad Milo"

The soon to be released Bad Milo tells the surely heartwarming tale of a man named Duncan (Ken Marino) who has a demon stuck up his ass. He names it Milo. Hilarity, and therapy, insuses. And, pain, I would imagine, lots of pain. 

Director and co-writer, Jacob Vaughn's horror-comedy, looks to be a more insane version of Basket Case. It looks real fuckin funny, totally over-the-top, gory, and a must-see. Check out the wild and hilarious red band trailer:


Bad Milo will start playing on On Demand on August 29, 2013, and then hit theaters on October 14th. You can bet your ass, which I hope has no demons up it (unless you are into that sort of thing), I will be seeing this as soon as I can!