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Mile High Media's "The Stepmother 9" Features Award Winning Beauties Kimberly Kane and Allie Haze

All pics come courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweet Sinner.

As soon as I saw who was in this latest release from Mile High Media and Sweet Sinner I was like, "Fuck, yes!!!" I mean look at the cast:
Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze, Adrianna Luna, Nick Manning, Marcus London, Richie Deville

And, then I saw the SFW trailer, and all I thought, "This is hot as fucking hell!":

The three women are just gorgeous! Allie Haze is one of my personal favorite girls in the industry. Adrianna Luna is just a total hottie. And, it's official: thanks to this trailer I am in love with Kimberly Kane!! What a beauty!! Want more of the girls? Well here you go:
 Adrianna Luna
 Kimberly Kane
 Allie Haze

From the Mile High Media description:
Emma has a dark secret. Her fiancée--an older, distinguished gentleman--doesn't know anything about her salacious past. But when his son meets his soon-to-be-stepmother, he recognizes her at once: a sultry escort who goes by the online-name of Sabrina. While Emma tries to leave her tainted past behind, her stepson sucks her back into a relationship of deceit, betrayal and sexual intrigue. Starring Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze and Marcus London and featuring Adrianna Luna. Written & Directed by James Avalon.

From the Mile High Media press release:
“To produce an adult movie that is engaging for couples, you must employ performers who are as skilled at acting as they are sex,” states Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt.  “Kimberly and Allie have amazing acting resumes, including Best Actress accolades from the top award shows in our industry.  Consumers are going to be blown away by their performances in ‘The Stepmother 9,’ and we know critics are going to take note as well.”

Kimberly Kane received AVN’s 2010 Best Actress award, followed by XBIZ and XRCO’s 2011 Best Actress awards.  XBIZ and XCritic.com named Allie Haze Best Actress in 2013.  She also received AVN Best Actress nominations in 2012 and 2013.

The high level of acting in ‘The Stepmother’ is what draws critics to the series.  In his review of Volume 4, AdultDVDTalk.com contributor Astroknight wrote, “Even without a cast this impressive, I’d really be looking forward to this one.  It’s a very well done feature…The cast does a very nice job with the story…Definitely worth checking out!”

Having hit stores on Aug. 28, 2013, this definitely seems as the movie to get if you are looking for a great couples' movie!