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Horror Crush: Vera Farmiga

It's time for another horror crush. This time I am picking a woman who is currently appearing in horror material and is a total MILF. I am talking about the exquisitely beautiful Vera Farmiga.
Farmiga was born on Aug. 6, 1972 (making her 43) in Clifton, NJ. She's been acting since 1996, but it wasn't until 2007, when she appeared in her first genre flick. It was Joshua. I have never seen and am not sure I ever even heard of it before, writing this. It's apparently a creepy kid flick. Any of you out there seen it? Any thoughts?
She wouldn't return to straight up horror till Orphan, which coincidentally, is also a creepy kid flick! Orphan is actually chilling, fun, nasty, and even a little sleazy. This is the tale of a couple that adopts a weird, little girl (Isabelle Fuhrman) that turns out to be anything but innocence. It's not scared to go beyond what studio horror deems OK material and features a great performance by the whole cast. Especially Farmiga who brings a lot of heart and depth to her performance. While, Fuhrman is creepy and as fuck. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best flicks of this sub-genre and a favorite of mine that holds up really well to repeated viewings.
2013 saw her in the two roles that would define her genre work: Bates Motel and The Conjuring. Bates Motel is, of course, about the teen life of Psycho's killer Norman Bates. Farmiga plays his mom Norma Bates. This show far exceeded expectations, from the get go, and has gone on to be a fine genre series. It's a great mix of drama and horror. The acting is phenomenal and it manages to be creepy and get under your skin. Farmiga's immense talent and unbelievable beauty are in full display on this show, which recently ended it's fifth season in a spectacular manner.
The Conjuring remains my favorite movie of hers, as well as being one of the finest haunted house/ ghost flicks, ever. I've reviewed it before so need to talk more about it, other than once again mentioning how great she is in her role and how stunning she looks.

She returned to the same role in the recently released The Conjuring 2. This well done sequel may fall under some horror tropes but the talent in front and behind the camera raises it well, well above the average sequel or ghost flick. Like its' predecessor, it is inspired by a "true story". James Wan, again, proves that he is one of the genre's finest filmmakers. Unlike others he understands how to build tension and even manages to use jump scares correctly. The strong acting further helps the story alone. Farmiga again is amazing and, well, looks amazing, too!
Farmiga is as talented an actress as she is gorgeous. Her beauty is so captivating that, at times, I find myself completely taken away by it. She is truly one of the most stunnung MILFs in the history of horror.