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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Jadyn Wong

First off, Happy 4th of July!! I hope you all are enjoying today, and now it is time to enjoy this month's pick for Hot Asian Girl of the Month, the beautiful Jadyn Wong!

Wong is a stunning Asian actress. You may have seen her on various TV shows, including Caprica.

I truly first took notice of her, though, when she had a small but important role in an episode of Lost Girl last season called "Destiny's Child" (see pic above). One of our heroes, Trick, uses her to bring back lost memories. It's a solid episode, and she looked gorgeous! I was thinking, "Damn! If I went to see her I would need to make some good memories with her!"
Wong is truly beautiful. She has such a flawless face, those heartbreaking almond eyes, and that long, black hair. I mean she makes me swoon! Personally speaking I would love to see her in more roles, in particular, I would flip out if her character became reoccurring character in Lost Girl!