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Banned from Facebook for a Day

So last night, I was watching the extra features from the blu-ray of the 80's action classic, Red Dawn (great flick BTW, with a nice BD transfer). When, I saw that someone had reported a pic from my Facebook business/ fan page, Word from the Master/ Master Gio. It's the picture below and is from last year, when I in Vegas was covering the Adult Entertainment Expo.

In it, the gorgeous Stoya and myself are at the Digital Playground booth. Now, mind you this is on my biz page, which is for eighteen and over only. I realize that you can see Jesse Jane's tits, in the background. But, that is all it is! A fucking background! It's not the actual, real person. Even if it was, it's just fuckin boobs. It's so nice to see that breasts offend people, and are banned on FB. But, some piece of shit model, like Kendell Jones (wanna know more about her? Google her lame ass), who posts pictures of herself and the animals she has hunted and killed, in Africa, are OK. The fact that this is an older pic, means someone went out of their way to find it.

Anyway, I was told, that I am blocked from posting on FB for 24 hours. Since this was around 10, no one will see me on FB till after that. So, thanks to this, I won't be on my profile or my page. Lame. Real fucking lame.

Sadkly, this is not the first time, I have been reported. The other two are even more ridiculous.

Back in January someone reported the following two pictures:

They are of my former camera-girl Kristin, Jacky Joy, and myself at least year's Exxxotica AC. Now, I thought to myself, while both ladies are gorgeous, there is nothing really inappropriate in what they are wearing. So, what then is problem? Well, it's my fucking Asa Akira, t-shirt Two in the Shirt tee. So basically, I'm guessing some asshole got offended by a fuckin t-shirt that I wore covering a porn show at a porn show! Really?! I wondered and posted on my FB (since the above pics are from my personal account), if someone I knew had bitched me out, but I doubt it was from my friend list. Kristin wasn't tagged, but Jacky was, leading me to believe, that maybe it's one of her "friends". But, she's a fuckin porn star! Which makes ratting out one of her pics just as stupid, if not more so.

And, before that, it was another Exxxotica picture (2009 is the year, BTW), this one was reported some years ago but after it had been up for a long time. It is of the beautiful Jada Cheng and myself.

She has pasties on, for crissakes! Even that is offensive? And, seriously, I am sick of people taking offense to this shit and getting me in trouble. If you don't like what I post, do, or write about, don't fuckin follow me. I have no time for people who are too high and mighty, closed minded, and/ or jealous. Haters will hate, but they can go fuck themselves or go join the My Little Pony fanclub. Just fuck off of my shit, for crissakes!

I could go, but I won't bore you any further. So consider this the end of my rant.