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My Blog's First Award!

Woohoo! I just got the Liebster Blog award! The word liebster means "beloved" or "dearest". This is my blog's first award, and it's bestowed upon me by Son of Celluloid's blog. Coming from a blog that I love and find so fun to read, I find to be quite an honor and feel very humbled by it. He's got a great sense of humor and is a talented writer, who is a fellow fan of horror and pro-wrestling, making him an all around cool guy, in my book.

Now, I'm gonna bestow this one upon five blogs that you should be reading. Since this blog is for the little guy, IE those with less than 200 followers I won't be handing it out to any porn star that I maybe friends with or fans of, cause, they don't fit the requirements for the award. Anyway, check 'em all out, enjoy, and tell 'em the Master sent ya!

Fully Jointed Play Figures
Written by Kim Dubuisson, who runs the Gorezone.net, it's all about his son and he and their love for collecting action figures, including superhero, horror, Master of the Universe, Star Wars, and other cool toy lines geeks like myself always love. He always posts awesome pics of his kid and their kick ass toys. As a fellow action figured collector, I simply love it!

Written by Junhax, himself, this blog has great musings on gaming, movies, and life. I met him through his Twitter, when he started following me, and I followed him back. I'm a huge supporter of all those fellow writers just starting. That he's a cool dude with a great knowledge of what he writes about and does it with such talent, only makes it all that much better.

Covered by Saintilus
Photographer Baldwin Saintilus' blog is a pleasure to read especially if you are into going to cons. He covers cosplay, anime, adult, and comic book cons, as well as conducting really good interviews. Plus, he's a great and truly amazing photog and as such, he posts some truly eye popping pics.

Through Glass Eyes
Alan Camuto, recently interviewed by yours truly, has another great blog for fans of excellent photography. Alan has a distinct eye for taking pictures and his blog shows it. You'll find words and pics on cosplay, conventions, music, and all the great pictures that he takes.

The Scene of Screen 13
Raleigh Bronkowski's excellent blog on obscure horror and cult movies is one of the finest on the net. I admire his knowledge of awesome movies, some of which I never even heard of! The man is an encyclopedia of knowledge and his blog shows it! Some of the pics he posts get a little, as he puts it, "saucy", but in my book that just adds to the appeal! Go and check it out, I know I've learned about a great deal about the movies he covers just from reading this fellow Gorezoner's words.

So, there you have it. Congrats to the winners! You all deserve, and I hope I have helped my fellow readers to check out some wonderful writers in the blogosphere.


Junhax said...

This is awesome, I feel so honored.

Yeah, we met back maybe 8 months ago and look at how much we grew both in blog and writing. Great to see progress and social networking at its finest.

Thank you Master Gio, your words are greatly appreciated.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Don't mention it, bro!

SonOfCelluloid said...

Thank you for the kind words and congratulations to you and the worthy blogs you passed it on to. You definitely deserve it. Hell, I wouldn't have given it to you if you didn't.

Raleigh Screen 13 said...

Many thanks! I'm very happy about the mention! The best thing is that there are more posts planned as I am finally getting all of my motes (make that notebooks of notes!) all together in one easy to reference place.

Keep up the great work and congratulations on your success. Looking forward to seeing more of your work (It would be cool to see news of a book or even an e-book by you in the near future).

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you both for the words!

And, I gladly support both of you. I love reading your blogs.

Raleigh, i would love to do a book, someday. You have given me something to aim for. :)

Kim Dubuisson said...

Wow Gio!
That is very nice of you my friend!
We both really appreciate it!


Giovanni Deldio said...

No prob, my friend. I genuinely love your site! :)