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The Bellisima Maria Bello

I'm going to say it flat out, Maria Bello is one of the most stunning and goregous MILFs on God's green Earth. She also happens to be a very talented actress. A sexy one at that, that has no problem baring her amazing body onscreen. With ads for her new TV series Prime Suspect coming out this Fall on NBC all over my TV (note, being it's her, I am NOT complaining but i do wish they didn't feature her beautiful face bruised up), I felt now is the perfect time to post a profile on this goddess.

Maria Elena Bello was born in Norristown, PA in April 18, 1967 of an Italian, American dad and a Polish. That, of course, makes her a very MILFy 44 years old (yum!!!). She would study political science, but ended up being an actress.

She was on various TV shows, including the lead in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and ER, but I didn't really know about her till she was in the awesome Payback, where she payed Mel Gibson's main love interest. Personally, I love that film and consider it to be a badass revenge film. I do need to see the director's cut, though. It should also be noted that Bello, who plays a call girl, is one of three stunning babes in it. The other two being Deborah (Crash) Kara Unger and Lucy Liu. This also marked the first time that I saw Ms. Liu, who looks delicious, herself, as a leather clad dom.

Now, I been recently told that I should see The Cooler, one of the movies she did post-Payback, by a friend. he said that's her best nude scene! Now that's saying a lot, as I'll discuss a little later. But, hey it deals with Las Vegas and has Bello naked? I'm all over that!

The next film that I saw that I enjoyed of hers (I've tried to watch Coyote Ugly but that film is SHIT!) is the action packed remake to John Carpenter's classic Assault on Precinct 13. While, Carpenter's film is better, obliviously, the remake is admit ably a good, violent time. Bello looks simply delicious in it. Seriously, if I was stuck in a precinct I would wanna be stuck with her!!

It's her next film is my favorite of hers: David Cronenberg's excellent and violent A History of Violence. The scene where she is dressed as a cheerleader (pictured to your left) is FUCKING delicious!! Seriously, you get two fetishes for the price of one!! MILF AND cheerleader!! Fucking amazing!! But, it actually gets hotter after that!! As, she gets fully nude in the film, as well. She has a great body and nice boobs. I also really, really like her bush. Ms. Bello also gets fucked on the stairs, doggie-style. In all, this amounts to one of my true, personal fav nude scenes in the history of movies. But, my friend says that the aforementioned The Cooler has better nudity from her! Better than this??!! Holy fucking shit!! I should also mention that this has my favorite performance from her, as well.

While, the two movies I just mentioned had stuff that would interest horror fans, she did her first straight up horror flick next, The Dark. Unfortunately, despite her excellent performance, the movie itself sucks. As, a big fan of hers, I was disappointed to see her first horror flick suck so much.

Another note worthy movie she did is Downloading Nancy. OK, actually I have never seen this movie. In fact, before today I had never even heard about it. But, it apparently has some AMAZING nudity and sex from her. She's fucking tied up!! My God, I simply LOVE this woman!!!
Sadly, the next movie I saw her in was the horribly mediocre The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. She don't get nude, and the movie is pretty forgettable. Still, taking over for Rachel Weisz' she gets to star with two other gorgeous women: former Hot Asian of Girl of the Month Isabella Leong and Jessey Meng. Honestly, I wish there was a three way lesbian scene between them. I know that wouldn't make sense in this movie but still!

I don't know whether or not I will be watching her new show. But, with her good looks, I just may have to! The lovely Ms. Bello is also a mom in real life, so that makes her a true MILF!

With her drop dead beautiful face, gorgeous body, hot boobs, nice ass, yummy snatch, and delicious legs Bello rules the world of MILFs as one of it's best. That she is a great actress that stars in three movies I genuinely like (with A History of Violence being one of my personal favorite movies) is only the icing on the cake. La bellisima (very beautiful in Italian) Bello is one of my favorite actresses and definitely owns my heart and fandom.


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