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The Master Does Las Vegas (Again) June 2011, Pt. 3

Monday was our last full day, so we had to make THE most of it! We hadn't hit the pool, just yet, so we had to that day. By the way, it bares mentioning, that we had a beautiful view of Vegas from our room. God, how I LOVE this place!!

Anyway, we had a quickie breakfast at Starbucks (mocha frap FTW!), and enjoyed it poolside. The Mirage pool is large and beautiful. Getting service is not easy, though, as I think they need more girls to work the pool area. The one servicing us, was pregnant and working her butt off. Come on, I know the economy ain't so hot in Vegas. Hire more girls and help the unemployed goddamn it!

Anyway, back to the pool. There is a huge sitting area, though sometimes it might be hard to find space. Get there early and try to get under the shade. Trust me on this one! The waterfall at the pool is gorgeous and is probably my favorite thing about it. There were some pretty girls at poolside and in the pool, itself. Including, at least one, who was coming out of her top!

In trying to figure what to do next Alan and I decided to hit the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace. They have some amazing cars, including a shitload of Rolls Royaces. There ain't much more to say, so instead, here are just SOME of the many, many pics I took there:
We went back to the hotel to get changed for our final night in LV. I took one of the last looks at the strip that might have till next time. Breathtaking!

I decided to wear my Courtney Cummz limited edition(as in no longer available, sorry guys!) Two in the Shirt Tee. It felt like the perfect shirt for hitting the adult shop and a night on the town (it was!). By the way, this pic is the basis for my current Twitter avatar.

Matt and I hit the Brazilian steakhouse Samba in the Mirage, itself. The food, though, steap, is delicious and well worth the price.

Next it was off to the Adult Emporium on Tropicana Blvd. This 24 hour store has a HUGE sellection of great porn and adult toys. While, you can get better prices at most stores in NYC (moreso a few in Times Square and Union Square), I still found some nice deals including a great one on Bombshell Bottoms #4 from Vouyer Media starring, among others, Asa Akira. I been meaning to pick it up for a long time. I had been wanting to go to this store since my first trip. I recommend my fellow fans of adult cinema to give the place a look if you can.

The MGM Grand was our next stop. It remains one of my fav places in Vegas. I bring this mostly to mention that Rouge ,which I mentioned drinking with girl last year, was nice and quiet as I passed by. Conclusion: it's a great bar to hit with a girl, but moreso on the weekdays, not the weekends. It's too crowded and wild on the weekends, hence, you won't get to talk to her as well. Perfect on the weekdays, though. Oh, and I was once again reminded that New York, New York blows if your from the east-coast. They only thing they got right was the smell in the back of the hotel. It reminded me of smell of the Village in the summer!

We them hit our final destination for the night: Rockhouse. Recommended/ mentioned to me by friends, both female and one a Vegas regular, the other lived there at the time, it's a good nightclub. But, admit ably it ain't my scene or style. I'm more of a bar guy. Still, there were lots of cute girls in the club, though most came with guys or were not interested in hooking up with guys. If your a hot chick, I think you should totally hit it and enjoy yourself.

The next morning saw us waking up and getting ready to leave, but not before hitting B. B. King's for an awesome breakfast. Coffee and bacon, baby! The prices are nice and one of the girls who worked there, a blonde babe, who bought us our coffee, as well as took the pic of us to the left, was SMOKIN' hot!

And, then it was off to the airport to come back home. Unlike last time, I wasn't so much as sad to comeback as I was disappointed. I wanted to stay. To be honest, I would love to live in Vegas. But, as I have said in the past I will be back. Vegas has become my home away from home. I love it there, and like I said this has been my best trip there, yet. But, maybe I can top next time! Regardless, Vegas will always be home to some of my best memories. Until next time, good-bye my beloved Sin City!

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