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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Dichen Lachman

August is the last full month of Summer. So what's one to do? I say enjoy i it. And, what a better way to enjoy it than with the ravishing Dichen Lachman, my pick for August 2011's Hot Asian Girl of the Month.

The lovely Lachman was born in Kathmandu, Nepal on Feb. 22, 1982. Her father is Australian and her mother was born in India but is of Tibetan descent.

She began her acting career in a long-running Australian soap opera by the name of Neighbours. I, of course, have never seen it, but then again I don't even watch American soaps, so you can bet this ain't my list to watch...

Her earliest movies gigs were Safety in Numbers and Aquamarine. Again, I never seen these either. And, again I doubt I will be.

She would go to become series regular Sierra on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Nope. I never saw this show either, but I know it has it's fan. Regardless, she stayed on both seasons.

Video tribute to her made by a fan:

So, you ask where do I know this major babe from? Well, I saw her in the second and third episodes of Starz excellent Torchwood: Day of Miracle, an off-shoot of the BBC series, Torchwood. She played a bitch of a government agent, but let's be honest here. That only made her HOTTER!!! Damn those sexy legs!!! Also, it should be noted that she can even make walking around with your neck snapped, and thus your head on backwards, hot!!!

But, it actually turns out I knew her even before then! See she played the widowed wife of a murder cop on the kick-ass TV series Hawaii Five-O. Come to think of it, I do remember her, and I thought she looked totally hot!!

Rumor has it she has a role in George Lucas' upcoming Star Wars series. When asked about it, she responded by saying that she would love do it, as she's a huge fan. I have said this a million times, hot Asian girl into geeky stuff = that much hotter!!!

And, this news makes me even happier (being as it's a TV show that actually currently exists and not some show that has been rumored for fucking ages): she has been hired to be be a series regular in SyFy's highly enjoyable Being Human (which is, coincidentally, also based on a British genre TV show).

She has a Twitter account, which, by the way, you should definitely be following: http://twitter.com/#!/dichenlachman

But, geeks are not the only ones to be in love with her. In 2009 the lesbian media site afterellen.com voted her the the hottest woman on the screen. Good fucking pick, I say!

Lachman has a pretty face and always seems to have a sexy look in her eyes. She's got killer legs, which are probably my favorite feature of hers. She also happens to be a solid actress, with some good geek credit in her past, present, and future projects. I, and all those taken by her beauty, definitely look forward to seeing more of her!