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The Master Does Las Vegas (Again) June 2011, Pt. 1

While, I have made a total of now three trips to Las Vegas, Nevada, in the course of only a year, this was my best one yet! Each trip I have had to Vegas has had a different theme, reason, and feel to it. The first one was pretty innocent, while my second trip was a combo of business and pleasure as I hit the AEEs, for the first time ever. This one, being an all guys trip, was extra kick ass. And, I did Vegas right, baby!!

We came in on a Saturday. It felt great for me to be back in Vegas. It always does. Aside, from my friends Wally and Alan, the other dudes were all Vegas virgins.

We stayed at the Mirage, this time. It's a beautiful hotel, with good accommodations. There are some very cool clubs, bars, and eating places. It also has a gorgeous aquarium, as well as an awesome pool. But, more on the pool on a latter blog.

The hotel has a big Beatles theme to it, as might be able to tell by the pic of it, your right. There is a love sign, in the hotel, itself. I decided to get a pic next to it. But remember, kiddies, love sucks! That said I got to rock my Asa Akira Two in the Shirt Tee. And, they most definitely do not suck. In fact, I love them (and her), and they (and her) fucking rule!

Before heading out to party we got some amazing food at Kokomo's. The food is delicious. It is fine dining, though, so it's really expensive. I think it would be a great place to take a girl to. But, this was not like last time, so I wasn't doing that this time. That said, I think you should definitely keep that in mind for yourself.

After that it was time we hit the strip. Sure, I've been there done that, but it never stops looking beautiful to me. The lights, the people, the atmosphere. It all amounts to a vision and a feel that is not like any place, that I've ever been to on Earth. As has become tradition, any time I am on this part of the strip, at night, I got my photo taken with two Las Vegas showgirls next to the Bellagio. They were so stunning! I think I may have been in love with first one, on my left arm, by the way!

Afterwards, we went back to the Mirage. We saw that there was a line to get into the King Ink club. We figured let's do it! It was ladies night and there were babes galore. That said it meant that most girls were more interested in drinking that getting hit on. Regardless my Asa Akira shirt garnered it's share of attention from a beautiful tattooed babe, who loves Twitter. It is the twitter shirt afterall. Nonetheless, it's a good joint, and I say give it a look. But, for the love of God, they need to stop playing hard rock/ metal intros only to go into a dance mix. It's an epic fail.

Once, I felt tired I went back to our room and passed out. I had been up extremely early, had been out all day, and drank a good amount of booze (already a HUGE difference from my past experiences there). So, I was ready catch some zzzz's. But, that's alright cause the best was yet, to come....


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