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Korefest pt. 2: Kore Rozzik

As headliners and the band who held Korefest, Kore Rozzik more than lived up to the task, as they kicked some major ass onstage. From the opening song to the very last one, they owned it!

It also happened to be lead signer Kore's birthday and considering how good a show they put on, you know it just had to have been a good for him. I know it was a good party for us, the audience!

From the opening song and on the band teared it up. They provided us with a driving and rocking metal/ hard rock sound that fans of bands like Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses will most definitely appreciate.

The band have a great stage presence, which makes for a lively show that makes you wanna bang your head and throw up the devil horns. Couple that with the band's amazing talent, and you have a total winner.

Every band member owns their instrument. They have an immense amount of talent, and the acoustics of the places sounded great. It should also be noted that one of the guys in the band was Dennis Lars Torrent of the awesome Gods Green Earth. When they broke into playing solos, I and everyone else was just blown away!

Meanwhile, Kore is a highly talented and charismatic signer with a great sounding voice. He demands your total attention, and quite frankly, totally gets it from us.
He paid tribute to one of his heroes, the late, great Jani Lane of Warrant with what I believe to have been the second to last song. After, the last song the band bid us farewell after having given us a fucking awesome show! Horns up!!!


Karlo Soldevilla said...

Great show review! Keep em coming. I deflty had an amazing night at Korefest

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thanx! Glad you enjoyed my review!