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The Master's Official Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 Report, Pt. 2

So, I woke up Saturday, and after an awesome breakfast of pancakes and bacon, I headed off to what I knew was the biggest day at the Adult Entertainment Expo. And, yes it lived up to all the hype!

The first stop for me was at the awesome Girlfriends Films booth. I would go back there several times throughout the course of the day, as it was one of the best booths at the show. There I met the lovely Ela Darling and the stunning Jincey Lumpkin. They were both awesome and very friendly. As was Shyla Jennings, who also happens to be cute as hell.
I returned to the Elegant Angel booth to meet Jayden Jaymes, since I as I said in the last part, I had missed her on Friday.

I hit the Adam & Eve booth after, and went up to the legendary and still beautiful Nina Hartley.
Next to her was one of my favs in college, who looks even more gorgeous now, Inari Vachs. I told her she was one of my long time favs. She was very sweet and personable. She got a spanking from Nina!

Finally, I went up to the very pretty Katie Kox who posed for lots of of pics.
I saw Natasha Nice and Charley Chase next. I didn’t go up for them for autographs, just yet, anyways, but I did talk to them for a while. We were trying to convince the sexy Ms. Chase to go the NY Sex Museum, when next she is in the city.

I have no idea who this hot chick is, but damn is her body tight or what?!

Vivian LeVey next gave me a spanking with a paddle. Clearly, I been a bad boy deserved it!

I posted two vids of the beautiful Miami dancing, but I am sure you won’t complain if I give you another pic will you? Didn’t think so!Andy San Dimas looked so hot in person; I had to go up to her next.

One woman who only gets more stunning with time is the amazing Julia Ann. Her legs are so sexy! She was smoking and being very friendly to her fans. I told her that I was a long time fan, and she was very sweet to me. She even joked around that she would kick my ass if I, as a journalist, said something bad about her friends! That was pretty awesome right there!I headed over to the HotMovies.com booth and was so HAPPY to see Draven! She is really one of the coolest chicks, I know. And, plus she high fived me on the fact that I had bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Clearly she has good taste in food, as well, as being hot!

Next to her was fellow BurningAngel cutie Klieo, who was slightly confused as to why Draven signed Master fuckin’ Gio to my autograph, until I told that she knew me. It was worth a good laugh!So, as I told I ended up doing, I went back to Charley Chase, and thanks to the fact that I bought two movies, I got to grab her wondrous God-given boobs. That made my day!

And, that ends this part of my report, more adventures on Saturday in the next part! It only gets wilder, dear friends and readers!


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