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The Master's Official Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 Report, Pt. 3

One of the people I was most excited about meeting was the beautiful Vicky Vette, one of the best MILFs in the biz. She was very sweet and friendly. And, I became an official member of the VNA (Vicky Nation Army!) Hells yea! Next to her was the beautiful Bobbi Eden.
Also, there was the always gorgeous and shapely Sara Jay. She’s always such a pleasure to see in person.

I then visited the Girls and Corpses booth. They had a whole photo shoot going, for the fans and media! It was really amazing and cool, as you can see for yourself.
I then went to the Wicked booth. Out of all the lines, I went to n Saturday; this one was the longest and slowest. But, I had to meet Kaylani Lei. I am a long time fan, but above that I had interviewed her over the phone about three years ago in reference to the horror porno The Wicked.

Anyways, after I told her who I was she remembered me and it was really nice to finally get to meet her in person. I even shot a little shout out to X-Ratednews.com with her!

Kaylani was so sweet in person! She is also really cute, sexy, and beautiful. Honestly, meeting her and Vicky were the highlight of Saturday, maybe of the whole show, for me!

Then, came a return to the Girlfriends Films booth. I went up to the stunning Tanya Tate, when she figured out who I was, she was very happy to meet me and talk to me. As, was I! Tanya is a complete sweetie and one of the coolest people there. I think she’s one of the brightest stars in porn, today.

Next, up in the GFF booth was Heather Starlet. This girl is so cute and sexy! Sadly, my camera broke at this point, but Heather was so sweet and nice to me! I even got a hug and kiss on the cheek out of my ordeal! It did, though, mean that I could not get a pic with her, nor could I take any more pics at the event. But, this was towards the end of the day, so I just took a cab to Best Buy. I bought a new camera and was now ready for the final day: Sunday. But, that’s another story for another day!

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