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Random Thoughts & Words on The Roomate

OK, if your looking for a review of The Roomate, I suggest you look elsewhere. Since, I have have no real desire to see that shit. But, if you wanna know why I feel that way, well, then read on friends and readers!

First and foremost, I remember when this film was called Single White Female and starred Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. You know G4's Attack of the Show covered The Roomate, and well, the thing is a good part of their audience is in their mid 20s to their 30s. But, not one person on that freaking show mentioned that fact this clearly a rip-off of that Fonda/ Liegh movie. I don't kiss this flick's ass, so I'll just flat out say it! Anyways, I'm sure that section of AOTS' audience saw that movie, and already said the fact that Roomate is a rip-off to themselves (or on Twitter which where I saw other bring that fact up). But, this movie is rated PG-13, so it's made with a younger audience in mind. Which leads me to problem number 2.

OK, so with this rating it means no graphic violence or nudity. Which in my book is an epic fail. Worse, because both of the female leads are hot. Minka Kelly and Lieghton Meester are so fucking yummy!!! But, they won't show shit, so... By the way, I don't think Ms. Kelly is in a cheerleader outfit in this movie, but she looks good in it, so I posted it regardless (I'm sure you are not complaining...) And, speaking of Lieghton Meester...

Who the fuck wouldn't wanna be stalked by Leighton? Seriously, I've had some stalkers of my own. They all fucking suck. But, if they looked like her it would be quite nice! By the way, must she star in shit that I hate or don't watch? Her movies are nothing I ever wanna see, ditto for Gossip Girl. But, Meester was in an enjoyable direct-to-vid horror flick, I'm sure she would rather not mention. Or, maybe she does. At least she should. It's called Drive-Thru. She plays the female lead. In it, a serial killer clown named Horny the Clown (no I am NOT making that up), kills people at a fast food joint called Hellaburger. He cracks a lot of jokes (many of them the perverted kind, but hey his name is Horny, so...). Actually, it's good fun and gory. Nothing great, but easily my favorite thing Meester has been in that I have seen (or at least know of and hence avoided to see...).

Finally, there is one way this movie could have been worth seeing. Going back to the PG-13 rating; this should have been R-rated (or even better, unrated!!!), and in it Meester stalks Kelly. At first Kelly is freaked out, but then she gets into it. And, they preceed to have hot lesbo sex! Yep, that would've been great! But, it ain't happening, so fuck this shit. Go see Single White Female (which is a pretty good movie, but no masterpiece), Drive-Thru, or just watch a fucking' porno, for crissakes.

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