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Twitching Tongues- Disharmony (Album Review)

Musician: Twitching Tongues
Album Title: Disharmony
Genre/ Subgenre: Melodic Metalcore/ Sludge/ Doom/ Alt-Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
This LA based quintet have made their Metal Blade Records debut with one of the most interesting and adventurous releases, I have heard all year. As such Twitching Tongues- Disharmony takes various sounds and influences and come up an album that while recognizable in its varying styles is still original enough to stand as it's own thing.

The album opens up with a haunting keyboard intro for the title track (and first single off the album). This perfectly sets up the tone of the album as it ruptured by the screams of old lead signer Colin Young. From there the song crushes and rips going through various tempo changes all of which are nothing short of being utterly crushing. Pretty every song here is a solid track from the full fledged crushing speed of "Insincerely Yours"  to the more slow and sludgy sound of "Love Conquers None". My personal favorite track is probably "Cannibal"a haunting song that builds up speed as it goes further along. It is alternately beautiful, dark, and straight out pissed off.

Musicianship is top notch and solid. Guitars effortlessly go between the melodic, the crushing, and the driving. Drumming by Michael Cesario does a good job of pounding and beating your head in. Young is a solid vocalist offering both the ability to carry a melody and acid spewing, sludgy growling.  As it mixes melodic metalcore, doom/ sludge, and alt-metal, with thrashy overtones this isn't album that easy pigeonhole nor does it fall neatly into one sub-genre. That's what is really becomes is the album's biggest attribute. It defies pure categorization and stand as it's own thing.

An exciting and original patchwork of various styles and influences, Disharmony is an album that stands as band that is determined to break away from being just one thing. As such, Twitching Tongues are adventurous and exciting. And, in a world where metal bands seem content with just churning out the same old thing over and over, this is a great accomplishment. Thus give us true harmony to be found in this Disharmony.

 ***1/2 out of *****

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