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Velvet Sinn #1

Title: Velvet Sinn
Issue Number: 1
Publisher: Big Boy Studios
Genre: Action/ Superhero
Cover Price: $5.00

Dillion Harper is a stripper whose stage-name is Velvet Sinn. She has psychic visions of a little girl being kidnapped. having been trained to be an amazing fighter and having an innate desire to help the helpless, she knows what she needs to do. So, she dons a cat mask and suit  and goes t0 find and rescue the girl. There she encounters the kidnappers, whom she proceeds to whoop their asses.

Adult actress Dillion Harper's comic-book is a fast-paced, fun read. The action is brisk and moves right along. It's really cool to imagine that the alter-ego of this girl-next-door porn star cutie is an as whooping and, of course, sexy superherione. It's highlighted by a very fun and sexy art style that gives it a cool anime look. It really fits the story and is enhanced by bright colors that make it all pop.

The comic was released last year, and I just picked it up this past Sat (Nov. 14, 2015) at Exxxotica NJ after I had interviewed her (I will be posting that soon, so keep your eyes open for it!). I am very glad that I did, since I really enjoyed the hell out of it. If you are a fan of both fun to read action oriented superhero comics and of Dillion Harper, herself, I highly recommend you that you get yourself a copy.

You can order a copy of Velvet Sinn for $5.00 by emailing velvetsinn@gmail.com.
And, be sure to follow the beautiful Dillion Harper on Twitter @dillionharper.

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