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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Olivia Munn

Lovely Olivia Munn (born Lisa Munn) was born in Oklahoma on July 3, 1982. Her mother is Chinese and her dad white. She grew up in Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan.

She did an internship at Sports Fox Net and even starred in a low budget horror film called (I kid you not) Scarecrow Gone Wild . While, your truly has never seen the film, I can only imagine the classic this film surely is....

She eventually ended up on G4's Attack of the Show . The show is dedicated to the coverage of video games, tech, comics, genre films, viral videos, and all things "geeky" . She hosts it with Kevin Pereira. Personally speaking I cannot stand Pereira, But Munn is awesome. There are times i thought she might be annoying. But, nope it is all Kevin's fault. By herself , or with another co-host she is pretty awesome. I sometimes question why I watch this show, but aside form some cool stuff they cover once in a while, i only need to see her and remember why!

Along with fellow hottie Anna David she gives sex advice on a segment of AOTS called "In Your Pants". She has done several funny and sexy vids for the show.

One of her best vids had her make-out with a blonde . Now, sadly, she says she did not enjoy it. Personally, I was a little put off, by this admittance, but once again her hotness over came my feelings of discontent. Here is to hoping she gives tonsil hokey with a fellow hot chick another chance!

She is recognized, and rightfully so, as a geek goddess . Her myspace is frequently updated and she does some very nice blogs to keep her fans informed.

She will be returning to horror with her upcoming film Insanitarium.

This beauty, who has also has done model work, has an amazing body, a cute personality, and very pretty eyes. July (her birthday month) truly belongs to Olivia!