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The 10 Greatest Supervillains Ever

The Dark Knight will see the return to the big screen of one of comicdom's greatest, most insane and most evil villains, ever: the Joker. It got me to think who are the 10 greatest supervillains ever? Here is the list of the most evil, warped, insane, and/ or deadly bunch of comic-book bad guys ever. They range from madmen, to alien dictators, to Nazi war criminals, to Satanic demon lords. Enjoy the evil!

1. Dr. Doom- The greatest villain in the history of comics. Smart, power obsessed, vain, and dangerous. The man is a dictator loved by his people, feared by all others. Determined to rule the world and destroy one of his few equals in intellect, Mr. Fantastic, Doom reigns supreme over his country, Latveria, and comics in general. Plus, he looks fucking cool. And, yet he has a sense of honor to him, that makes all the more complex.

2. Joker- One of the most well known villains ever, the Joker stands psychotic heads and shoulders above one of the greatest, if not THE greatest rogue galleries in the history of comics. The character has grown and matured and gotten more evil and vile with time. From a silly, campy clown criminal to psychotic killer, the Joker changed with the times. The problem was as he became more insane and deadly, he racked up a bigger body count, which in turn hurt Bats, cause he can't kill, one of the most whacked out and evil men in the DC Universe.

3. Darkseid- Ruler of the hellish world of Apokolips, Darkseid is also the only villain, other than Doomsday, who can stand toe-t0-toe with Superman. He is also one of the coolest looking villains ever. With his mighty omega beams and quest for the Anti-Life equation, Darkseid is, who I think, should have been the villain to have "killed" Supes and not Doomsday.

4. Ras Al Ghoul- Batman's mental and physical equivalent, Ghoul actually wants to makes this a better world; it's just methods that are questionable. The Lazarus Pit is a cool thing, and he has a hottie daughter. Ghoul is my absolute fav Batman villain, and one that can beat almost any hero in the DC Universe.

5. Mephisto- While, he is not Satan, he has pretended to be him on many occasions. Perhaps, the most powerful demon lord in the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is there to tempt and corrupt the souls of the Marvel heroes. A ruler of his own hell world, Mephisto is evil incarnate.

6. Red Skull- Unlike guys like Doom or Magneto who have some degree of morality, the Red Skull is a Nazi scumbag. Considered one of the greatest threats to humanity, by SHIELD, the Skull is purely evil, and a bad guy you want to see never succeed. Plus, thanx to his orders the original Captain America is dead.

7. Thanos- You know, he could have been a Darkseid rip-off, but Thanos formed his own legacy in the Marvel Universe. This happened when he defeated the combined Marvel heroes and killed the ENTIRE universe. And, he did it all out of his love for death! And, no I don't mean the classic death metal band!

8. Lex Luthor- Perhaps the single most famous villain in comicdom, he is Supes' eternal foe. While, his only powers are his brain, technology, and his vast amount of wealth, Luthor will always be a thorn in Superman's side. He was president of the US, for chrissakes! Oh, yeah his warsuit is fucking awesome. Why can't they ever have him wear that in the movies?!

9. Green Goblin- While, he might not be my favorite Spidey villain, he is the most persistent, and holds edges over anyone else in that rogues gallery. He is one of the few to know Spidey is Parker, he knew Parker (as did his son, who also donned the Goblin mask) on a personal level, and killed Spidey's old flame, Gwen Stacy. Insane, smart, and armed with his deadly high-tech weapons, the Goblin is not a guy you wanna fuck with.

10. Kingpin- He rules the streets of New York and is the number one for of Daredevil, as well as being a problem for the other major Marvel street heroes, Spider-Man and Punisher. And, you can thank him for sending Bullseye to kill Elektra. And, it ain't all fat. The motherfucker is all muscle and can prob beat your ass with his bare hands.


Unknown said...

I agree with your list for the most part, but why Thanos? I would have gone with Apocalypse instead.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Apocalypse did not kill the entire universe. Even, if it did come back a day later... :p