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2 Babes from NYC News Casting: Julie Chang & Jill Nicolini

As, I sit here and write this I must say that I am bored out of my mind, but figured this would keep me distracted and entertain you guys. Let me present to you two of my fav news babes from my hometown of NYC:

Julie Chang, formerly Truly Julie- Julie Chang used to be on the WB11 morning news in New York. this South Korean born beauty covered a bunch of light hearted stuff, in her own segment (with them music and all!), where she was dubbed Truly Julie.

OK, I really could care less about that dude on screen, but this was the best vid I found of her, on youtube. Anyways, now she is on the FOX5 morning news in New York. I have to say I missed seeing her on my TV, but, flipping through TV land, I found her on Fox5 news yesterday, it made my day! I don't know, man, I just think she is quite the cutie. I tell you what, while I will still get my morning news from channel 11, I will flip to 5 just to see her, and well, "truly" only her! By the way, I personally cannot stand Anna Kournikova, but here she is with Julie (who is way hotter in my book, anyways):

Jill Nicolini-
Speaking of the channel 11 news, there is no hotter woman in newscasting than the gorgeous Jill Nicolini . Jill unsuccessfully attempted to be the live action Vamperilla. This is heart breaking to read, I know, but hey she did pose in the Fall 2001 Playboy College Girls Special. Edition. Whatever the case maybe, Jill is the traffic lady and traffic has never been more interesting or hotter!

Even if you don't have a car, she makes will make you care about the traffic conditions. Come on, guys she is busty, has gorgeous eyes, and is Italian. If that does not count as fucking hot, then what dear readers, does?